The Best 12 Person Tent for Camping as a Family or a Group

If you are in a hurry and want to find out the best 12-person tent, we recommend the NTK Super Arizona 12-person XL Camping Tent.

Camping with a group of people plus all the gears and pets will make you feel crowded and might cause uncomfortable conditions. But don’t worry, there are a few excellent tents that can sleep your whole family plus store all their stuff. Listed here are the best 12-person tents that we have found which is ideal for your next camping trip with your extended family.

Best 12-Person Tent Reviews 2019

In this article, we will review the below 12-person camping tents:

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1. Tahoe Gear Gateway 12-Person Deluxe Cabin Tent

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Not having the standard ‘tent’ shape, the Tahoe Gear Gateway 12-Person Deluxe Cabin Tent has an L-shape with a lot of space inside. The center height is seven feet, and the interior divider allows to separate the spaces.

The presence of 2 entry doors means that you can zip off one room and still you can have access from both sides to get outside.

In total, the tent has three separate rooms, This tent can accommodate at least two queen size air mattresses if not a third- depending on how much camping you are packing.

The only downside of this tent is that because of so many windows, it does not have interior storage in the form of pockets. Of course, the benefits of the L-shaped design and the measure of floor space over-shadow the concerns.


  1. 7-foot ceiling
  2. Mesh ceiling
  3. Solar shield to reflect sunlight
  4. Can easily fit 2 queen sized air mattresses
  5. Room divider
  6. 2 doors
  7. L-shaped tent – can easily fit where other tents cannot


  1. Reduced “storage”

2. NTK Super Arizona 12-person XL Camping Tent

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If weather conditions are an issue where you camp, the NKT Super Arizona 12-person XL Camping Tent provides the protection you require.

The polyethylene construction makes use of anti-fungal and silver coating to maintain everything dry, as well as the bathtub style floor ensures you don’t need a morning swim.

The mesh windows provide plenty of breathabilities, although, for the watertight function, you will be required to close them from the outside.

Having said that, with the rain fly on, you don’t have to worry about dampness getting in the tent and messing up your trip.

The center height is close to seven feet, and there is plenty of space to stay dry inside. At the least, three queen size mattresses can fit with a room to spare, and you are welcomed to hang a lantern if that’s your taste.


  1. Lantern “O” ring and storage space
  2. Interior utility pocket
  3. Almost seven feet high in the center
  4. Fits 3 queen size mattresses with room to spare
  5. Room divider
  6. Bathtub floor design
  7. “D” shaped door
  8. Shielded rain entrance
  9. Colour coded poles for quick assembly
  10. Anti-fungus and silver coated floor


  1. Windows closes from the outside

3. Tahoe Gear Prescott 12-person 3-Season Family Cabin Tent

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The Two doors and almost surround windows makes the Tahoe Gear Prescott 12-person 3-Season Family Cabin Tent a breezy choice for big groups. The mesh windows on the top are an added advantage for cozy nights. The tent is easy to set up, thanks to fiberglass poles, however, a lack of detailed instructions might slow down things. The center height is about six and a half feet, however, that might signify a tough assembly for some people.

Though the mesh windows are for having cross ventilation, there is a rain fly made out of polyester and a water-resistant coating. Regarding interior space, there is a lot of square footage, however, if you opt to zip the divider, it blocks the doors of the people who are on the other side.


  1. 6 1/2-foot-high ceiling
  2. 2 doors
  3. Zip curtain to separate the tent in two
  4. Mesh ceiling


  1. Zipper “room” shapes tent into unequal parts
  2. Can be challenging to assemble

4. Ozark Trail 12-Person Base Camp Tent with Light

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The Pre-attached poles make things much more manageable with the Ozark Trail 12-Person Base Camp Tent with Light, however, you expect some hard work to have it set up.

The three-room space fits three queen-size air mattresses and has a center height of 82 inches- which is almost seven feet.

There are two doors in this camping tent though one is larger main-entrance type setup and the other one requires more work to get through.

It is easy to separate the tent into distinct rooms or you can leave it as one big cabin area. By having a full mesh ceiling, you might wind up requiring the rain fly based on the weather- however, the openness produces the capacity for stargazing on warm nights.


  1. 3 rooms
  2. Fits three queen size mattresses
  3. 7 windows
  4. 2 internal room dividers
  5. Pre-attached poles
  6. Front awnings
  7. Ground vent (will fit an AC unit)
  8. Electrically powered cord port
  9. Interior pockets


  1. The one-piece assembly which means no pole replacements

5. Alpha Camp 12-person Tent

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If you love to enjoy the outdoors whilst in your tent, the Alpha Camp 12-person Tent might suit you perfectly.

It’s a square-shaped tent having an awning and screen room in the front. This enables you to enjoy the view and the breeze without welcoming the bugs in.

As for interior space, it is easy to leave the cabin room as-is or separate it in the middle with the divider panel. The roof is completely meshed; the heavy-duty metal poles hold everything together.

The inside height measures 80 inches with a total of 19 x 12 feet of floor area. The screen room contributes another seven feet to the structure for storage space or for relaxation.


  1. Different screen room with awning
  2. “D” style door
  3. 5 windows
  4. Big side pockets
  5. Room divider
  6. Easily fits three queen size air mattresses
  7. Carry bag has trolley wheels
  8. Electrical cord port


  1. Metal poles make the overall bundle heavy

Benefits Of A 12-Person Tent

Beyond the spacious feature, there are other benefits to buy a 12-person camping tent, even if you don’t have many people coming along with you.

I know it is a daunting task to upgrade to a larger size tent, but believe me, the benefits make it worthwhile.

Storage Space for Your Camping Gears

While the small tent features “porches” or “awnings”, if you have got a lot of camping gears, then you might not have enough rooms to store it.

With a tent that is spacious, you can store all your gears and still will have plenty of space for unwinding and sleeping.

If the weather turns worse, you don’t want to be roaming around in the dark to pull all your things together.

Sizing up to fit all your camping gears and goods means that you don’t need to worry about the weather outside.

A Little Elbow Room

Sure, your old tent might have a capacity for six occupants, but can you really fit six sleeping bags comfortably in your tent?

And what about camping mattresses, if you prefer comfort!

If you’re planning to move towards a bigger tent, a 12-person style is one of the biggest available in the market.

It will provide space for everyone to stretch out, even if you are camping with 10 people or so. 12-person tents can fit as many as three queen size air mattresses so that everybody can have a comfortable sleep.

Additional Features

With this huge of a floor plan, there are normally a few added benefits. For instance, screened porches are normal, as are extra interior pockets. There will be more wall and floor space than other size tents.

Also, the bigger the tent, the more likely it will have separate rooms, privacy, several entrances, plus more windows.

The majority of campers won’t complain about the addition of a few extra doors- naturally, access is crucial, especially in the midnight when nature calls.

Things To Consider In A 12-Person Tent

The most essential thing you will look at is the occupancy rating. But outside numbers, what should you search for to find the best 12-person tent?

Simple Setup

Any camping tent that can hold 12 people will be a beast. The more material and poles you have, the weightier the overall package is going to be.

However, that doesn’t mean it needs to be difficult to set up when compared to a standard (or smaller) tent.

That being said, setting up a larger tent takes longer, but consider the fact that if you don’t buy a spacious tent, you’d be setting up several smaller ones, that takes more time, too!

Generally, looking for light-weight materials might help cut the extra weight of the tent. A few manufacturers brag on the “fast pitch” technology, many bigger tents still pop up within a few minutes.

You might want to consider having a few free hands to help you with the setup at your campsite. The higher center height of the 12-person tent the more difficult it is to set up, particularly for those of below average height like me.

Ease and comfort

If you are planning to take this big of a tent on a trip, you prefer to be as comfortable as possible. Which means having added features such as separate rooms with zipper dividers, sufficient floor space for air mattresses, and lots of windows.

The best tent should have plenty of mesh windows for visibility and ventilation. Many doors are also beneficial, particularly with many people coming and going the whole day.

Gear Features

The larger the tent, the more likely that you will need a means of either heating or cooling the tent. Therefore, an electrical port is a perfect gear feature. You might require a heater, fan, generator power, or any other corded item inside your tent.

Changeable interior space is another perk- the majority of larger tents have zipper-separated sleeping areas.

In this way, you can build separate gear storage space and sleeping areas, depending on the number of people and how much items you have.

Also, consider lighting- it’s advisable to look for a way of hanging your fixtures in the ceiling or poles on the tent.

Many camping tents might be too tall to readily hang fixtures or make use of any gear lofts that are present. Usually, it pays to take into consideration the height of the individuals and plan accordingly.


If you prefer a comfortable and feature-packed tent for the family, the NTK Super Arizona 12-person XL Camping Tent is our best pick.

You can bet this tent is simple to set up, along with enough space inside for 3 queen air mattresses, we cannot complain.

An additional feature which makes this one our pick for the best 12-person tent is the fact that it allows for little luxuries.

There is a separate slot to fit an Air conditioning unit, plus that electrical cord port ensures that you have all the comforts of your home during your trip.

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