The Best 4 Person Tent for Memorable Camping

If you are in a hurry and want to find out the best 4 person tent, we recommend the Coleman Sundome Four-person tent.

 A tent is one of the essential camping equipment which can either make the whole camping trip enjoyable or can either make it an unpleasant memory. Many camping tents are available in the market, and one has to choose the best per needs.

Here, we are talking about 4-person tents as this type of tent can accommodate your whole family and can even give you enough space to move around freely. 

Best 4 Person Tent 2019 Reviews

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I have gone on many camping trips, and with time, I have gained experience and learned a lot of things. So, here are some options which I consider the best, which can help you to choose your ideal tent out of the rest.

Coleman Sundome Four-person Tent

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If you are looking for a highly spacious tent, then Coleman Sundome Four-person tent is the one for you. The tent offers you an ample space to move around comfortably as it has large measurements of 9’ X 7’ along with a center height of 4’11’’.

This tent is comfortable to set up as compared to other types of tents and provides you with a proper window and floor ventilation. Not only this, the tent has got a WeatherTec system which services the patented welded floor together with inverted seems that is very helpful in keeping you dry. In addition to these, the tent has some add- on features and a rainfly which protects you from rain and gives you shade against summer heat. It comes with several pockets to store the gear and a carry bag too, which makes transportation convenient.

This tent can also manage windy weather as it has got insta-clip pole attachments which will keep the tent standing against heavy winds.


  • Protection against heat by blocking 90% sunlight.
  • Protection against rain through the WeatherTec system.
  • Comfortable transportation through Carrying Bag.
  • Continuous Pole Sleeves makes setup an easy task.
  • Comes with Internal Hook to hang a lantern.
  • Quality material used in manufacturing.
  • Proper ventilation through windows, screens, and ground vents.
  • Available in multiple colors.


  • It has generic, skinny stakes.
  • Not suitable for winters due to high ventilation.

ALPS Mountaineering Taurus Four-person tent

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This tent can be explained as free-standing, two fiberglasses poled tent house which is equipped with a polyester tent fly. This is a dome-shaped tent with measurements of around 7’6’’ X 8’6’’ and a height of approx. 52 inches. It weighs around 10 pound and 11 ounces.

When it comes to setting up, this tent is really easy to set up as it is a two-pole structure only. The tent is durable and is water-resistant along with UV protection. It is a highly ventilated tent with mesh roof, two-way entry, together with a zipped window on each entry. This feature makes it a proper summer camping based tent. Other than these features, it comes with eight zipper pockets to carry and store your gear.

You don’t have to worry about getting wet or bugs getting in as it has a finely made poly taffeta floor.


  • Excellent ventilation system for breezing as well as stargazing.
  • Convenient Dual Entry.
  • Total moisture protection with poly taffeta flooring and seamed seals.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Durable.
  • Equipped with two vestibules to store gear.


  • Fiberglass poles tend to be weaker.
  • Not appropriate for all the weathers. 

AmazonBasics Tent

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AmazonBasics Tent is a 9’x7’ dome-shaped tent having a height of 59 inches and fully equipped for three- seasons. The making of the tent includes the use of 100% polyester material, which is good enough to provide durability along with necessary resistance. The tent flaunts a welded polyethylene floor with inverted seams to provide added water resistance.

Talking about the rainfly, it has detachable rainfly which goes past the edges offering additional Protection. This tent also boasts a cool-air port that allows nice air ventilation good for summers. A storage bag is given for adding Convenience in transportation.


  • Spacious.
  • Proper Ventilation through the cool-air port.
  • Detachable rainfly.
  • Features waterproof as well as water-resistant material and floor.
  • Convenience through storage bag.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Durable.


  • Bugging through ventilation netting.
  • Difficult to stand against heavy winds and rainfall.

CORE Equipment Four Person Instant Dome Tent

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This is an instant setup dome-shaped tent, height 54 inches, which take only 30 seconds to be set up making it a most convenient tent.

This tent is equipped with CORE H2O block technology to provide Protection against rain and moisture. It offers a better airflow through an adjustable ground vent. It has also got a built-in gear loft which comes with a lantern hook and some additional storage pockets.

For some added protection against water, the tent comes with a rainfly. There is some additional technical feature in it in the form of electronic cord access port that can also be fully closed when not needed.


  1. Versatile Design.
  2. Durable.
  3. Protection through waterproof material paired with rainfly.
  4. Seams are sealed, and rainfly is taped.
  5. Quick 30 seconds setup.
  6. Well ventilated through adjustable vents and screened ceiling.


  • Heavyweight.
  • Stiff poles. 

ALPHA CAMP Four Person Camping Tent with Mud Mat

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This is a spacious tent good for four people. The tent is built from a particular polyester taffeta fabric paired with a PU coating on it which is eco-friendly. It has got a sealed detachable rainfly along with flooring which can resist up to 1000MM of water pressure. All these features make this tent water as well as UV resistant.

It comes with fiberglass poles which are easy to assemble. In addition to these, it has a mud mat to clean your feet while entering, some overhead storage space, and electronic port access. All these elements make it one of the most desirable tents out there.


  • Spacious.
  • Waterproof and UV resistant.
  • Extra storage space.
  • Convenience in setting it up.
  • Comes with mud mat.
  • Detachable rainfly allows versatility as awning and canopy.


  • Fiberglass poles are not durable enough.
  • Limited setup instructions.

Things to Be Taken Care Of While Choosing

One should take into consideration a few things while choosing a camping tent so that your tent fulfills all your needs per your particular camping situation. Here are some points which must be considered:

  • The first and most crucial point is the size. We are already discussing the four-person tents, so we’ll discuss the size in detail later on.
  • Another thing, other than the size, that must be taken care of is the weight of the tent. Just ask a few questions from yourself like; whether you have to carry your tent to a faraway place? Or you are camping in a nearby area to enjoy the weekend? Such questions can change your choice of tent.
  • Convenience is another important factor that should be taken into consideration while choosing your ideal tent. The tent must be convenient enough to set up and to be packed so that you don’t waste much of your time in setting it up and enjoy your trip to the fullest.
  • When you are camping in the wild, durability is what you look for while choosing a tent. The tent must be sturdy so that it can easily handle multiple people and can guard you against different weather conditions. 

Tent Size

As we are talking about the four-person tent, this tent is meant for four persons, but in reality, two persons can comfortably be accommodated in it. 

There are different types of four-person tents available in the market; the exact measurement or the square footage of space available inside the tent depends upon the kind of tent design you choose. As the tent design varies in shape and setup, so is the area provided by it varies.

The general measurement of a four-person tent is around 66 to 65 feet. So, one should compare the size of the tent with that of the size of the people going on the trip and choose the tent accordingly.

Here are some of the tent designs that are available in the market:

Cabin- Style Tents

The Cabin-Style Tents are the ones which have straight up and down walls along with the ceiling, which is flat. These types of tents can be chosen when you are looking forward to maximizing the headspace. The tent provides the same amount of headspace all across the tent so that each person can enjoy the same headspace as others.

Dome-Style Tents

As the name suggests, the Dome- Style Tents are the dome-shaped ones. Unlike the Cabin-Style Tents, these tents don’t have straight walls and a flat ceiling. Instead, these tents are curved shaped from the top and provide you with a “peak height” sought of structure. Although the curvy construction of the tent reduces the living space, this type of tent is durable enough to guard you against rain as well as wind. 

So, which design of the tent you choose depend totally upon your specific situation.

Weight of Tent

A camping tent is to be carried to the camping site, and that is the reason why the weight of the tent matters. The weight of the tent should be light so that it can be easily carried from one place to another. 

Sometimes, it must have crossed your mind that a four-person tent, which tends to accommodate four persons, looks so compact. The main reason behind it is to reduce the weight of the tent. Accommodating four persons in the tent doesn’t mean any four persons of any size can fit into it. 

Usually, the company uses the least possible space as well as material, to keep the weight down, to accommodate the maximum amount of people possible. That’s why the size of the tent varies with different brands.

Durability as well as Convenience

Durability and Convenience are one of the major points that should be taken care of. A prudent buyer is the one who can get best out of his money spent, and here, we can get the best by choosing a durable tent that can last long.

If I think of my experience, then I’ll suggest you pick up the aluminum poles rather than the fiberglass ones. There are chances that the fiberglass poles quickly get bent or break. On the other hand, the aluminum poles tend to last longer extending the life of your tent.

Rainfly is another tent attachment which should be adequately researched. The rainfly works like an umbrella for your tent against the rain and thunderstorms. An excellent waterproof rainfly is the one which can cover the top along with the sides of the tent and can protect you from spending a night soaked in water.

A waterproof floor is also essential. One should always go for a one-piece floor rather than the floor which has seams. There are chances that water can get in through a floor having seams. 

Who wants a tent that leaks or allows insects to come in? No-One. So, it is better to pick a durable tent which has got double stitched folded seams. This will protect you against any water leakage and doesn’t allow insects to come it from seams. My recommendation for you is always to use a sealer on the seams even though they are double stitched.

In a hot summer camping trip, a well-ventilated tent having proper screened windows and floor, to keep the bugs out, can be advantageous for enjoying a breezy trip in hot weather. On the other hand, if you are camping in winters, then a ventilated tent doesn’t seem to be a good idea. So, the choice of your tent varies from season to season.

The last but not the least, a proper carry bag can be a plus point when it comes to Convenience. You’ll be comfortable while packing or unpacking or carrying your tent to the campsite if you’ll have a beautiful carry bag for your tent. 

The Final Verdict

After a thorough analysis of all the feature of all these tents, the best-suited tent with all-round features, in my opinion, is the Coleman Sundome Four-person tent.

It is a spacious tent with right dimensions which can accommodate four adults comfortably. It is well- ventilated flaunting large windows along with a floor vent. Its WeatherTec system provides fantastic Protection against rain.

With some extra storage space to store the gear and a superior rainfly which block 90% of sunlight, makes this tent an ideal purchase.  

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