Best Budget 4 Season Tent 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

If you are in a hurry and want to find out the Best Budget 4 Season Tent, we recommend the Vidalido 4 Season Camping Tent.

When we choose a summer tent, the crucial thing that we look is the proper mosquito netting, a lot of ventilation points, and an architecture that allows high airflow inside the tent. But, these things are not enough in case of 4 season tents because these tents should be good enough to protect you against cold weather and heavy snowfall too.

In addition to this, the tent must be strong enough to handle even the brutal conditions; whether you are going on a skiing trip or a mountaineering adventure.

These tents are entirely different from the 3 season tents as these tents are less meshed, have sturdy canopies as well as rainflies, robust poles to make the tent stand straight during harsh weather and several other features that can be useful in the winter season.

Best Budget 4 Season Tent 2019 Reviews

We need to give a deep thought while buying the Best Budget 4 Season Tent and hence, we are here to help you out with a list of Budget 4 Season Tent.

1. Vidalido 12’x10’x8’Dome Camping Tent 5-6 Person 4 Season

The Vidalido Dome Camping Tent is a uniquely shaped tent with conical appearance. The shape of the tent allows plenty of space to the user along with high peak height.

It is a multifunctional tent which can be separated into two installs if we remove the external account. It means that you can have two tents just by buying this single tent. The architecture of this tent is high-class as anti-tear 190T patterned polyester along with 150D Oxford fabric is used in making this tent.

The tent remains sturdy even in extreme weather due to its antirust reinforced steel poles. Waterproofing of the tent is managed by taping the stitches on the seams as well as through caulking treatment.

This family tent consist of two doors and windows made up of 2000D PU 3000mm mesh which complements the ventilation system.

Additionally, the outside view can be enjoyed using the nylon polyester mesh present on the doors as well as the roof.

  • High-end construction.
  • Good ventilation system.
  • Easy to setup.
  • Spacious and convenient.
  • There are some untapped seams which need tight stitching.
  • The middle pole of the tent can be inconvenient sometimes.

2. ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 2 Person Tent

The ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian tent is an easy to set up a tent which flaunts multi-hub 7000 series shock-corded aluminum poles together with snap over pole clips.

UV and weather protection is there in this tent using the 75D 185T polyester rainfly paired with 1500mm coating.

The floor of the tent is made up of poly taffeta having 5000mm coating, and the tightly sealed seams are there for added weather protection.

For storing the gear, the tent features dual vestibules, multi mesh pockets as well as a gear loft. The ventilation is also proper because of double doors having zipped mashed windows. The dimensions of the tent are Base: 5’2 x 7’8, Peak Height: 46” and it weighs around 7lbs. 15oz.

  • Ample storage space.
  • Freestanding system of poles makes setting up the tent easier.
  • Highly weather protected.
  • Rainfly is thick and durable.
  • Packing the tent is a burdensome task.
  • It is difficult to put the poles back into the storage bag because of the small opening.
  • It is a little bit heavy.

3. Luxe Tempo 1 Person Tent 4 Season Freestanding for Camping

If you are looking for a 4 season tent suitable for a solo camper then this Luxe Tempo 1 person tent will serve your purpose. The tent has got decent space to comfort one person and is a good option for winter camping too.

The camper doesn’t have to face any trouble carrying this tent around as this is a lightweight tent weighing approximately 3.3 pounds.

The thing which I liked about this tent is its two entry doors, facilitating easy entry and exit, along with dual vestibules providing enough space to store gear and allowing proper air inflow inside the tent.

This tent has got a fantastic SilNylon rainfly which provides high-protection with its 8000mm water-resistant finish and nice UV-protection. Its slippery surface is good enough to slide away snow and rain easily.

In addition to this, the tent’s floor is 210T PU coated rip-stop polyester built. It also flaunts 210T PU coated polyester footprint and breathable tent surface.

  • The tent facilitates proper ventilation.
  • It has got a tough footprint.
  • Highly waterproofed.
  • Light-weighted tent.
  • Freestanding tent.
  • The tent feels a little bit hot during warmer weather.
  • Not spacious for tall campers.

4. WEANAS 1 2 3 Person 4 Seasons Double Layer Backpacking Tent

The WEANAS 4 season tent is a beautiful dual-layered tent capable enough to protect the campers in all the four weather conditions. It is a spacious tent which flaunts a sturdy fabric and frame for enhanced rain proofing and to manage strong wind conditions.

The material used in building this tent is 210D thicken Oxford cloth PU3000, and the seams are packed using the waterproof rubber strips. It is a well-ventilated tent which boasts three windows and one door for proper airflow.

The good thing about this tent is that it is easy to set up. Just lift the top part of the tent, and the tent initiates automatic installation. This tent is a durable one and has high-end thick bracket joints which will not break easily.

Additionally, the tent provides various other features too which includes PE waterproofing, large-sized storage bags to accommodate all your gear, zippers which slide smoothly, corner buckles present at both the interior and exterior of the tent, etc.

  • Automatic setting up a tent.
  • It is a dual-layered tent.
  • Highly durable.
  • Plenty of screens are present in the tent for stargazing.
  • The ventilation system is perfect.
  • Space problem when three persons are camping.
  • The tent is not very warm during cold weather conditions.

5. Eureka! Mountain Pass Four-Season Backpacking Tent

If you are looking for a tent which can help you camp in heavy weather, then this Eureka tent has got everything you want.

The tent is nicely spaced, having 45 square footage of the interior area, which makes it a nice tent for backcountry adventures. This tent can be converted in 3 or 4 season tent as it has got side panels which are removable and the canopy is also highly breathable.

The tent comes with a rainfly to protect you from outside elements. It offers dual vestibules and five storage pockets to solve the storage problem.

The ventilation system of the tent is pretty evident as cold air comes in via lower vents and the warm air goes out through higher vents.

  • Lots of space for storage purposes.
  • Can be converted into 3 or 4 season tent.
  • It comes with aluminum poles.
  • Waterproofing rating is pretty good.
  • Heavyweight creates problem in backpacking.

6. Argus Le Automatic Camping Tent

Argus Le Automatic Camping Tent is an excellent tent suitable for a small family as it can comfortably accommodate two adults and a child. The hydraulic spring system is what makes this tent automatic and easy to set up.

Durability is not compromised in this tent as it has got 8.55mm fiberglass poles which are anti-corrosive and highly elastic too. Not only this, fixed buckles, as well as ropes on the poles, adds to the stability of the tent.

Waterproofing of the tent is taken care of using the 210D fully Oxford for the flooring, and the tape seals the seams too. The tent provides UV protection using its breathable dual-layered polyester material.

For protection against insects and bugs, the tent comes with meshed windows with high-density nylon. Storage pocket and lantern hoop help in storing the camping gear properly.

  • Automatic setup design.
  • 190T polyester paired with PU1200mm material for waterproofing.
  • Fully taped seams.
  • Durable poles enhance stability.
  • The tent provides bug protection through the mosquito net.
  • Zippers are double-sided.
  • Zippers hold the tent fabric while operating and are a little bit sticky.

7. GEERTOP 2-Person 4-Season Backpacking Tent

If you are going for a camping trip in a snowy region, then this Geertop 2 person tent is one of the best choices. Managing this tent is an easy task as it weights around 6 pounds only.

The tent offers dual vestibule design with one vestibule on each side. Also, it has got a Velcro ventilation latch which solves the problem of ventilation by allowing extra air inflow in the tent, comforting you during warm weather.

Special attention is given to keep the tent’s temperature regulated by using the 210T anti-tear checkered polyester along with mesh made of high-density fine nylon.

When you are camping at a freezing place, then tent’s high-density polyester together with double stitched seams will keep the inside temperature warm. One of the problems which I can point out is the poor quality of the zipper.

  • Average weighted tent.
  • Allows proper ventilation.
  • The tent provides extra storage space through dual vestibules.
  • Dual-layered tent.
  • Freestanding poles.
  • Poor quality of zipper.
  • The tent allows lower ventilation when rainfly is on.
  • Condensation problem.

8. Eureka Alpenlite 2XT 4 Season Tent

The Eureka Alpenlite 2XT is a six-pole tent which is sturdy and strong enough to handle all the harsh and challenging weather conditions.

The camper doesn’t have to worry about the high rain or snowfall as this tent has got a full-coverage storm shield rainfly. A vestibule is there in the tent along with a PU transparent window which brightens the inner side of the side.

The most burdensome task for the camper is to set up a tent, but with this tent, the camper can easily set up a sturdy tent using the 9.5mm 7001-T6 free-standing poles made of shock-corded aluminum.

The clips, along with the grommet corner attachments, make it possible for the tent to hold the ground easily. This 7.7 pounds tent, with a peak height of 3 feet 4 inch, has got ample of storing space which consists of six storage pockets, two gear lofts, and two loops to hang flashlight.

  • The ventilation system is good with vents which can be opened during warmer weather and closed during winters.
  • Durable body with full-coverage rainfly.
  • Easy to setup.
  • The tent stands strong during brutal winds and rainfall.
  • It provides sufficient warmth in the winter season.
  • Heavyweight tent.
  • Vestibule size is small.
  • Peak height is less.

9. HIGH PEAK South Col 4 Season Backpacking 4 Season Tent

This High Peak South Col tent is a quick setup tent due to its freestanding design and clip poles which has got Ring and Pin at the bottom side.

The camper will not face any difficulty during a massive storm as the tent will remain stable using its guy ropes and 9.5mm shock-corded aluminum poles. It is an average-sized tent which can accommodate up to three campers.

The tent is highly water-resistant as its long rainfly is made up of Rip-Stop polyester along with the coating of polyurethane.

The floor too is good at water-resisting as it also is made of the same treated polyester. U-shaped dual doors are offered by the tent which is easy to operate and also has storm flaps.

As far as the storage is concerned, the rainfly creates two vestibules for storage, and the tent has four gear pockets to store small stuff. The double-stitched and taped seams of the tent make it leak-proof, and several guy ropes provide it the needed stability.

  • Sufficient storage space.
  • It is easy to set up this tent.
  • Dual doors for added convenience.
  • Unique design.
  • It does not accommodate more than three persons.

10. MoKo Waterproof 3-Person Camping Tent

The Moko Waterproof 4 season tent is a durable dome tent which is constructed using three fiberglass poles, metal pegs which are 21 in number, and six ropes to provide stability. This tent can accommodate 2 to 3 campers and has the interior square footage of 6’7’’ and a peak height of 3.5 ft.

The tent provides weather protection using the 2500mm waterproof flysheet and a floor made of 5000mm 1000D polyethylene.

The fabric of the tent is fire retardant for additional protection. Windows facilitates proper ventilation inside the tent, and a 3 feet vestibule is there for the storage purpose.

  • Fabrics used in the tent are fire retardant.
  • Vestibule provides sufficient storage space.
  • Good water protection.
  • Carrying the tent is a difficult task due to its heavyweight.
  • Fiberglass poles are not strong enough and can break easily.

Buying Guide For Best Budget 4 Season Tent

Before selecting your 4 season tent, we should first understand what we should look for while buying the Best Budget 4 Season Tent:

Types of 4 Season Tent

Tent Suitable For Mountaineering

Mountaineering tents are for higher altitude camping where prime consideration is regarding the light-weight of the tent. Most of these tents come with single walls and provides excellent protection against harsh weather and windy conditions.

As far as the square footage and height of the tent are concerned, then these tents cover less area and short in height too when compared to other types of tents like basecamp and treeline tents. High-level of waterproofing is also there in these tents.

Basecamp Tents

Unlike mountaineering tents, base camping tents are much more comfortable as well as heavier in weight. In the case of mountaineering tents, a person has to carry them to a higher surface, and that’s why they need to be lighter.

But, when it comes to base camping tents, you can easily carry high weight camps with the help of your vehicle, and it’s good to have more space and comfort by packing a little bit of more weight.

Base camping tents are useful for various types of camping adventures, and therefore, these tents have got some extra features like a design with dual walls, which help increase the ventilation, lower the chances of condensation, and provide additional space too. All of these, at the cost of some extra weight only.

Treeline Tents

When you are thinking of camping in low winter weather conditions, then treeline tents can solve your purpose.

These tents have got more bathtub floor space along with heavy canopy as well as rainfly fabrics compared to the three-season version of it.

These tents are suitable for regular winter camping but are not best suited for heavy exposure in the rough conditions.

When compared to the mountaineering and base camping tents, this tent falls short because of its less durability and toughness. In short, these tents are a good option for camping in typical cold weather.

Packing Size and Total Weight

Weight is what makes the significant difference between the 4 season tents and 3 season tents. The heavyweight of 4 season tent is due to its heavy-duty fabric, tough and sturdy poles, and robust zippers.

The heavyweight of these tents does not just go in vain; the increase in weight is because of the outer gear like durable canopy and rainfly.

All these things make the tent more robust, highly weather-resistant, allow higher ventilation and provide several other features too.

If we talk about the packing size of the tent, the weight and the packing size of the tent is directly correlated. If the weight of the tent will increase, so will be the packing size.

But, you can easily handle this packing size if you are going for a camping trip with two or more of your companions. In such a case, you can split the components of the tent and can carry the weight evenly.

The good thing about these tents is that the elements like the canopy and rainfly can easily be split up and detached, which will add up to your convenience while packing the tent.

The Confusion Between The Double Wall and Single Wall Tents

One of the common problems that a camper faces is relating to which tent he/she should pick, single-wall tent or the double-wall tent?

If we understand it in simple words, the double-wall tent consists of two separate layers including the canopy (the inner layer) and the rainfly (which forms the outer layer).

In the case of single-wall tents, they consist of a single layer of fabric which provides you protection against the outside elements.

This doesn’t mean that single wall tents are not good enough; they can be tough and can provide excellent waterproofing based on the material or finish which you choose.

Which tent would you choose if weight is your prime consideration?

The single-wall tents are much lighter than the double-wall tents as they don’t have much fabric as well as are pretty basic and not complex.

A place with regular or average weather conditions is suitable for single-wall tents, but if you are looking for an extended camping trip at a home where there is heavy wind, rainfall, or snow, then double-wall tent will be the best choice for you.

Square Footage and The Height

The primary purpose of choosing the Best Budget 4 Season Tent is for winter camping. Camping in winters means you are going to carry large sleeping bags, pads, and some extra gear to protect you against winter.

All these large and extra stuff needs some additional square footage of the area, and this is the reason why the 4 season tents are more significant than other backpacking tents.

Floor area is usually measured to get an idea about the interior space of the tent. When you need a tent with ample interior space, then basecamps and treeline tents win the race as opposed to the mountaineering tents.

Nowadays, several tents come with cross-bracing pole supporting the ceiling, which results in providing lateral stability to the tent countering heavy wind and loads of snow.

Additionally, such a pole gives extra peak height to the tent providing you with some extra headroom which makes it convenient for you to roam inside the tent.

Always make a note, square footage of area does not give you the complete picture of the interior space as it is only the size of the floor.

One should also consider the peak height along with the slopes of the wall. Higher peak height allows you to roam freely inside the tent, without getting your head bumped, and highly-sloped walls make the tent look smaller.

So, it is advised to pick a tent with a proper combination of peak height and slope of the walls along with good floor space.

Good Ventilated Tent Along With Scope For Condensation

When compared to the 3 season tent, 4 season tent is much warmer because its walls are less meshed and built in such a way that they can provide you protection against the outer conditions.

But, proper ventilation is also needed inside the tent to keep you dry. The problem of condensation is also required to be looked upon as, with time, the air breathed by you will get condensed on the interior walls of the tent and then afterward the condensed water droplets will fall on you and your stuff making everything wet.

Proper ventilation can minimize the problem of condensation. Double-wall tents tend to provide higher ventilation, compared to the single wall tents, as they have got more vents that allow the air to pass through. One should pick a tent that will enable excellent breathability and airflow.

Is Your Tent Durable Or Not?

When you are camping at a place like Denali, then it is most likely that your tent gets buried under a thick layer of snow. In that case, you’ll be praying inside that your tent should stand strong against the heavy load of snow.

Other than this, if you are camping at a high altitude, then your tent will face more ultra-violet rays as there will be fewer atmospheres that can filter the rays of the sun. High contact with ultra-violet rays will damage your tent at a higher rate. High winds, rainfall, and snow are also needed to be handled by the tent.

To face all these situations, your tent needs to be a durable one with high-quality build material. Going for a cheap tent will compromise the quality of the tent.

The price of the tent is not the right measure to check durability, but the universal rule is that a low priced tent is less durable and more economical in quality.

Space To Store The Gear

When you are going for a long camping trip with extreme weather conditions, then you will tend to carry a lot of gear and essential stuff with you. But where will you keep all this stuff?

Therefore, storage space in the tent is also an essential point that one should consider while buying the Best Budget 4 Season Tent. The storage space will help you keep your stuff organized, and also look for some hooks in the tent to help you hang your wet gear for drying.

Several 4 Season tents come with additional vestibule which separates you from the harsh outside environment and make it comfortable for you to keep your wet stuff away and separate from the part of the tent where you sleep. The vestibule can even be used to store some of your stuff.

Design of The Tent Pole And It’s Quality

One can choose from two designs of the tent pole:

Freestanding Pole Design:

The tents with this kind of pole design is easier to set up as when you install the poles of the tent, whole of the tent takes its shape and stand up on its own.

Non-Free Standing Pole Design:

These types of tents are lighter compared to the freestanding ones, but are difficult to setup. In these, firstly the poles are installed then the front, as well as the rear part of the tent, is tied up and pressured. After this, sides are adjusted to make the tent rigid.

When it comes to camping at a place where strong winds flow or where it rains heavily or where snowstorms are frequent, then the quality of the pole should also be checked. Standard metal poles will not solve your purpose.

The poles made of chunky metal paired with long connector joints will give your tent the required strength. Also, avoid the poles which have got plastic tips as such tips tend to break easily.

Our Final Choice

The best budget 4 season tent is the tent which is durable, light-weighted, have proper ventilation and packs additional features like rainfly. The tent should also come in the budget of the buyer. Taking all these into consideration, if you are traveling with your family, we recommend the Vidalido 12’x10’x8’Dome Camping Tent 5-6 Person 4 Season.

If you are a solo camper or traveling with your partner, ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 2 Person Tent is the best choice. Keep in mind the points mentioned above, and you will end up choosing the best budget 4 season tent for your next camping adventure.

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