The Best Cabin Tent to Enjoy Camping With Your Friends

If you are in a hurry and want to find out the best cabin tent, we recommend the Coleman Tenaya Lake Fast Pitch Tent.

Every camper wants to enjoy camping in their own way. Some people like to carry a lot of stuff with them, and some carry limited stuff to reduce the load.

Some are ready to face the chills of the season because they didn’t carry many blankets with them and other people bring enough warm blankets as well as mattresses in order to feel comfy during the trip.

If you are one of these kinds of campers, then you should give cabin tents a try as these tents are well-built with sufficient interior space along with a thick base.

Best Cabin Tent 2019 Reviews

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1. Coleman Tenaya Lake Fast Pitch Tent

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One word for Coleman Tenaya Lake Fast Pitch Tent is awesome as this tent is fully loaded with high-end features which are not available in most of the tents.

Setting up this tent becomes very easy using the quick fastpitch setup. For storage purpose, some cabinets are included in the tent which stretches ahead of the standard square footage area. The tent comes with a hinged door.

The optional lighted feature is the one which is not found in most of the tent which flaunts reactors capable enough to do the job perfectly.

The tent is excelled in the department of size and space too as it can conveniently fit in eight people at once and provides sufficient space for storing gear and other equipment.

  • Nice storage space.
  • Equipped with hinged a door.
  • Flooring is waterproof.
  • Nicely fitted rainfly.
  • Can accommodate eight people.
  • Sufficient ventilation.
  • Lacks in extreme level durability.

2. Wenzel Klondike

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When it comes to spacing, then the Wenzel Klondike is one of the best tents providing 90 square footage of area along with a height of around 6.5 feet.

The tent has got a great occupancy level as the interior part can fit in about eight people, and if the outer patio is also used for sleeping purpose then it can accommodate another three people.

Adequate arrangements are also been made by the company for protection against rain and strong winds using the Wenzel Weather Armor polyester fabric. Additional protection is given to the tent by covering the whole tent with the polyurethane coating.

The unique quality of this tent is that even the zippers, as well as the webbings, are manufactured using the water repellence blend which makes it a full-proof water protected camping tent.

  • Large square footage area.
  • Large headroom space.
  • Can accommodate 11 people if using the screened patio also.
  • Wenzel Weather Armor polyester fabric is used.
  • Zippers and webbings are treated with water repellency.
  • The screened-in patio does not have the same headroom space as the interior of the tent.

3. Kodiak Canvas Deluxe Tent

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The Kodiak Canvas Deluxe Tent is a large-sized, 10 by 14 feet, a tent which is known for its high comfort level giving a home-like feeling.  This spacious tent offers a height of six foot along with facilities like airflow system and temperature management. The waterproofing together with durability of the tent is taken care through the Hydra-Shield which is made up of hundred percent cotton duck canvas.

This tent comes under the category of luxurious tents, providing you high level of comfort and convenience and making your camping trip a memorable one.

  • Luxurious Tent.
  • Hydra-Shield for the purpose of waterproofing and durability.
  • The ceiling height of approximately 6’6”.
  • Equipped with dual airflow system.
  • Contains loft system along with customizable organizers.
  • Dual entrances.
  • Strong and sturdy frame.
  • Heavyweight makes it difficult to carry the tent.

4. Coleman Evanston

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Coleman is one of the most reputed and popular company for manufacturing high-end tents. The most attractive feature of a Coleman tent is the WeatherTec technology which does a great work of protection against rain and UV rays. This is a patented technology in which high-quality polyester material is used. The Coleman Evanston has also got the WeatherTec base which is capable enough to restrict any moisture or water component from getting inside the tent. For added protection, the solid base has got the inverted seams.

Another nice feature of this tent is the patio which is screened located at the front side of the tent. This patio adds some extra space to the tent and seems like a good separation dividing the two areas.

  • Patented WeatherTec Technology is used.
  • Extra space in the form of screened in patio.
  • Can accommodate two queen-sized mattresses.
  • Moisture protection through inverted seams.
  • A reputed product of Coleman.
  • Nicely fitted rainfly.
  • Difficulty in packing it up inside the travel bag.

5. Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

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The Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent is a nice tent which can fit in 9 people, as stated by the company. The point of concern here is that the size of the tent is similar to that of a 9 person tent then how it is able to accommodate 9 people.

The reason why it can fit in 9 people is due to its high walls and a headroom space of around 6.5 foot. It can fit in 9 people but not with a high level of comfort.

The thing about this tent which attracts me is the individual room separators, pockets for storage purposes, and the port for electronic cord access.

The water protection of this tent is not good, which another point of concern about this tent is. The base of the tent is also very thin.

  • Can fit in 9 people or two queen-sized mattresses.
  • High headroom space.
  • Air vents on the ground are adjustable.
  • Wall pockets for storage purposes.
  • Room dividing facility.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Lacks in weather protection.
  • Flooring is also very thin.

Reason To Choose A Cabin Tent

The cabin-style tent’s different and unique architecture make it different from any other type of tent. There are a lot of points which makes these tents a suitable choice for camping trips:

  • The walls of cabin tents are comparatively higher than other tents which offers the camper additional headroom enabling the person to move inside the tent comfortably.
  • The cabin tents also offer nice square footage of area which can easily accommodate two queen-sized mattresses leaving some extra space to store gear and scope for the camper to move around.
  • The good thing about cabin tents is that it takes care of the privacy of the campers too. Most of these tents come with an option to divide the interior into different rooms.
  • Some other features offered by the cabin tent includes the creation of awning, additional screened room facility, and it even features hinged doors.
  • When you are using a cabin tent, then you don’t have to worry about the different weather conditions as these tents come equipped with some features like solid and thick floors, inverted stitched tent material, and weather-resistant zippers. All these features help the camper to face any weather condition conveniently without any kind of hassle.
  • The basic purpose of using the cabin-style tent is the high level of comfort which it provides to the camper.

Points To Be Considered While Choosing A Cabin Tent

There are certain things which must be present in a tent which makes it an ideal tent for a camping trip. Every camper has his own preferences while choosing a tent. So, here are some basic things that one should consider while choosing a cabin tent:

Considering The Size

The first and foremost thing to be considered in a tent is the size of interior space. Which size is preferable by the camper differs from a person’s requirements or needs. But, one should check the square footage of the tent and not just the occupancy level of how many people can fit inside the tent.

One should keep in mind that many manufacturing companies say that a tent can fit in nine people when the square footage offered by the tent is even smaller than a tent which can accommodate 6 people.

The vertical space must also be considered along with the horizontal space. A tent which has got tall walls will give you much square footage area allowing higher headroom space enabling your convenient movement inside the tent without bending your head down.

Storage Facility

Along with the square footage area, sufficient storage facility must also be offered by the tent so that you can easily store your camping gear and equipment.

The storage facility offered in the form of pockets, cabinets, and lofts can help the camper to fit in all his stuff. If the tent is lacking in providing such a facility, then the camper has to fit in the stuff in the available square footage area. In such a case, you have to bring limited camping stuff so that not much of your interior space gets consumed.

Sufficient Airflow

The camper has to make a decision here that whether to go for a tent which is lightweight and convenient to carry or to buy a heavy tent. There are chances that a lightweight tent may not be strong enough to face different weather conditions but are easier to carry. On the other hand, heavyweight tents may be strong and sturdy but are difficult to carry.

A tent must be chosen, which is flexible enough. Flexibility here means that the tent can easily be covered in such a way that it can provide protection against rain as well as cold and it can also be uncovered enabling free airflow inside the tent facilitating sufficient ventilation.

Ventilation is really very important. A properly ventilated tent can offer you a high level of comfort and also helps in maintaining the tent’s temperature reasonably.

The tent should have the option to detach the tarps or rainfly so that airflow can be increased inside the tent.

Number Of Entrances

The number of entrances that a tent has, may not seem to be a major point to be considered, but it is actually a relevant point. When you are going for a cabin tent then doors are something which will increase the accessibility and comfort level of the camper.

One door is sufficient when there are 1-2 campers. But, what will happen when you are camping with your whole group having 8-9 members. In such a case, the cabin tent needs to have more than one door.

A tent with two doors will not only offer you quality living experience but also enables a person to conveniently get in and out of the tent without disturbing anybody else.

Weather Resistance

Weather Resistance is another important point which cannot be overlooked. The base of the tent forms a major part of the tent, and if the base of the tent is not good enough to resist any type of water inflow then you can face a lot of difficulties. Hence, the floor base must be thick and strongly stitched so that there can be no pores left that can allow the water to seep in. A proper waterproofing facility must be there so that nothing inside the tent gets wet. Other than the flooring, the tent should be made of high-quality material and offers a durable rainfly for extra protection against any kind of weather condition

Final Verdict

There are a lot of cabin tents that has got amazing features that it becomes difficult to choose any one of them. But, the features of Coleman Tenaya Lake Pitch tent wins our heart and makes it the best cabin tent of this list. The tent offers a whole lot of features that other camps do not offer and gives importance to the comfort of the camper. Sufficient storage and rooms space along with a list of cool features make this tent an ideal cabin tent.

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