Best Cold Weather Tent for Winter Camping (Buyer’s Guide)

If you are in a hurry and want to find out the Best Cold Weather Tent we recommend the Geertop 2-Person 4-Season Backpacking Tent.

If you are one of those campers who like to go camping in the cold weather of the chilly winter days, then a standard tent will not work out properly in such a case.

Not just the protection against low temperature has to be managed by the tent; sometimes there is rain as well as snow which comes along. Hence, such a tent has to be picked which not only keep you warm but also keep you dry.

The True Cold Weather Tent

A lot of the manufacturing companies claim that their tents will provide full-proof protection against the cold temperature. But, safeguard against cold does not make the tent a real cold weather tent. There are some other features also which must be present in the tent such as:

  • A durable rainfly.
  • Built material which is water-resistant.
  • Strong and sturdy poles.
  • Ground tarps which are waterproof too.
  • For better visibility, reflective strips or loops are used.
  • Must contain the zipper storm flaps.

There are some additional features which make the cold weather tent different from the other 3-season tents. The built material of this tent should be of high-quality, which is supported by strong seams, layering of the material, and some extra waterproofing facility in addition to the standard chemical coating.

The features of different cold weather tents differ from model to model, but a tent which can be considered as the best must have a perfect combination of waterproofing characteristics paired with the usage of high-quality, reliable material to provide the camper high level of comfort in all the weather conditions.

Best Cold Weather Tent 2019 Reviews

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1. Geertop 2-Person 4-Season Backpacking Tent

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When you are going on a camping trip with one or two companions taking only some essential gear, then the Geertop 2-Person 4-Season Backpacking Tent will solve your purpose. This is a lightweight tent weighing over six pounds which has got all the features needed in a four-season tent.

Talking about the interior part, the tent has got two meshed windows along with two entrances. The outer layer of the tent is UV-resistant as well as water-resistant, which helps maintain the temperature inside the tent.

There are two vestibules attached to both the entrances which are small in size accommodating only a few small gear items. When you put the exterior cover over the tent, it becomes completely windproof and waterproof and comfortable even when the temperature is below zero degrees.

  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Dual layers facilitate ventilation along with windproofing.
  • High-quality anti-tear polyester material which is covered with a UV and water-resistant coating.
  • Rainfly covers the whole outer layer of the tent.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Two entrances.
  • Dual vestibules.
  • Has got reflective ropes.
  • Center height of approximately 45”.
  • Zippers are not that smooth.
  • The small size of vestibules.

2. MoKo Waterproof Family Camping Tent

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When you need a tent that can accommodate your small family, then the MoKo Waterproof Family Camping Tent is a good choice with a center height of around 52” and occupancy capacity of 3-persons. This is a lightweight tent weighing less than six pounds.

The tent has got proper storage space in the form of the spacious vestibule which can accommodate most of your essential gear. The built material used for making the floor and the rainfly is thick plus flame retardant too. This provides you guard against the two major nature’s danger.

This all-season tent is waterproof and has proper ventilation arrangement through doors and windows. High ventilation would mean that maintaining temperature will be difficult in cold weather conditions without adding multilayers over the tent or using a heater.

  • Center height of approximately 52”.
  • Rainfly and floor are fire retardant.
  • Windows improve ventilation.
  • The spacious vestibule of 3 foot.
  • Vestibule area can be used for ventilation purpose also.
  • High ventilation makes it difficult to maintain the internal temperature.
  • Difficulty in accommodating people when there is too much gear.

3. Terra Hiker 2 Person 4 Seasons Tent

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The Terra Hiker 2 Person 4 Seasons Tent is a nice compact tent which has got a full-coverage outer layer which efficiently covers the meshed inner tent. For added protection, the tent comes with a rainfly which is made of durable 20D nylon fabric. The good thing about this nylon fabric is that it comes with a coat of silicone oil on one side which helps in making the tent windproof as well as waterproof.

Assembling the tent is also very easy due to its light weight of less than 5 pounds. The color-coded poles make it convenient for the camper to set the tent up in less than 2 minutes, as claimed by the manufacturing company.

The outer layer’s watertight function may be considered as one of the problems of this tent. When the tent is covered with the outer layer, then the ventilation is minimized to a great extent. Although the outer layer is needed to counter the water and snow along with cold air, ventilation is also needed to maintain the correct level of humidity inside the tent.

  • Light in weight.
  • The outer layer covers the whole tent.
  • Two entrances.
  • Improved visibility through reflective stripes.
  • Durable aluminum poles.
  • The ground tarp also comes with the tent kit.
  • Center height of approximately 43’’.
  • When the tent is covered with the outer layer, then ventilation becomes difficult.

4. Luxe Tempo 2 Person 4 Season Tent

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The Luxe Tempo 2 Person 4 Season Tent is a nice tent for a camper with a partner which provides a whole lot of features and is light in weight too. The tent weighs around 5.7 pounds only which makes it a suitable tent for trail camping.

The rainfly makes the tent water-resistant as well as snow-resistant as it comes with a coating of silicone oil. The ventilation is not affected even when the rainfly is on. The dual entrances paired with the vestibules make it easier for the camper to get in and out of the tent conveniently. The doors also have mesh panels which can only be operated from the interior side of the tent, which gives a sense of security to a camper.

The tent is easy to set up and comes with an additional cover for the ground, which gives extra waterproofing facility.

  • Rainfly comes with silicon coat which makes it water-resistant and UV- resistant.
  • Multi-layered two entrances.
  • Door meshed panels can be operated from inside only.
  • Dual vestibules.
  • Strengthened corner panels.
  • Enhanced visibility through reflective loops.
  • Light in weight.
  • Comes with ground cover.
  • Center height of approximately 43.3.’

5. Flytop 2-Person Backpacking Tent

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Another competitor in the category of compact, lightweight tents is the Flytop 2-Person Backpacking Tent which weighs less than 6 pounds and is a really good tent for winter camping. The tent has got full coverage rainfly which also flaunts a snow skirt which is very helpful in maintaining the insulation level.

For proper airflow, two windows for ventilation are added to the tent. An awning can also be created by rolling up the front side of the fly and ends of the tent material. The in-built vestibule can be used to accommodate small gear.

  • Ease in winter camping through snow skirt.
  • Light in weight.
  • Two entrances.
  • Rainfly hosts pop-up windows.
  • Reflective ropes are used.
  • Vestibule for storage purpose.
  • An awning can be created using rainfly.
  • Center height of around 45.”
  • Can accommodate two people.

Benefits Of Using A Cold Weather Tent

Following are some of the benefits which you get by using a cold weather tent:

All Season Adaptability

When you are using a tent which has got extreme cold weather rating, then it is not just for chilly temperature but can also be used for warm weather conditions. To guard against rain, sleet or even snowfall, the cold weather tents are equipped with some additional layers for added protection.

Hence, the bottom or base of a tent can comfortably be used for camping during warmer days, and the rainfly along with other protection layers can be taken along for use during sudden weather change.

Comfort Level

Some of the cold weather tents come with meshed windows, doors, or even ceilings. This means that such a tent can be used to camp even in hotter days by peeling off some of the additional layers and allowing ventilation through the mesh. Hence, a cold weather tent can be said to possess all the qualities which can help you out in all the seasons.

One of the qualities of a cold weather tent is that it can insulate the interior of the tent against the outside temperature. This means that the inside temperature can become higher than the outside temperature without the use of any heater making the tent warm in low temperature.

If your tent can accommodate more people, then the increase in body heat inside the tent will contribute to having a warmer temperature inside the tent.

Mental Peace

A tent which can handle heavy snow can even prove to be sturdy during stormy or windy weather conditions. Hence, when you are camping at a place where there can be heavy winds flowing or chances of a storm, then the high-quality material along with strong poles and wind-resistant material will give you mental peace that your tent can manage to survive in such a condition without collapsing.

Choosing the Best Cold Weather Tent

Other than waterproofing, there are a whole lot of features that must also be present in a cold weather tent. So, here are some of the considerations which must be kept in mind while choosing the tent:

Easy To Set Up

When you are at a cold camping site, then it is better to go for a tent that takes less time in setting up. The time saved during the setup process can be used for other purposes such as keeping the fire going to give you warmth. Choosing a model which is suitable for one camper will be good as a small tent takes less time to get warm and even dry quickly.

Ventilation Is A Must

Even in freezing weather, ventilation is still necessary for a tent. The reason behind this is that condensation could happen inside the tent overnight. Condensation is generated due to body heat and the camper’s breathing. If there are no vents, then condensation may make the tent wet. Hence, ventilation is a necessity for a tent. The cold weather tents may have heavy-duty rainfly or multiple layers for protection against low temperature, but all these things still allow the air to pass through them for ventilation purposes.

Occupancy Level

In cold weather conditions, a tent with a low occupancy level may also work. Lesser the area faster the tent will get warm. Choose a tent that can accommodate all your basic gear or equipment. If you are using a heater or stow, then calculate the space which you need and accordingly pick up a tent.

Additional facilities

Look for a tent which gives you some extra facilities other than the basic ones. The tents come with added gear like rainfly, additional covers for waterproofing purposes and even ground tarps for added convenience in setting up. So, always look for some extra perks like these while making a buying decision.

Final Words

After reviewing all the above products, we recommend the Geertop 2-Person 4-Season Backpacking Tent as the best cold weather tent out there. The tent is compact, which makes it easy to pack and carry anywhere. The tent is UV-resistant as well as water-resistant which helps maintain the temperature inside the tent. Proper ventilation even when the rainfly is on is another advantage. All these features with a dual vestibule storage facility make this tent suitable for winter camping.

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