10 Best Family Camping Games: Having Fun During Camping

Once the summer is felt throughout our geography, hundreds and hundreds of kindergartens, schools and institutes free the children to enjoy the much-desired summer holidays. The children return home to immerse themselves in leisure and forget about their academic obligations for a few months.

The families, instead of letting themselves be carried away by the inertia of spending their holidays at home, must go out to the countryside and breathe pure air, that is to say, go camping. This is a possibility that can be much more enriching and meaningful for children.

When the family goes camping, fun is an essential aspect of growth as a person, and of course, for moments that will remain engraved in the memory of each member of the family.

So, if you plan to go camping with your family these next summer holidays, I recommend you to entertain the children by playing the following games:

1. 3-Legged Football

Best Family Camping GamesThere is nothing like football to have a good time of physical activity and if your family (or camping group) is big enough; at least four people, you can try to play 3-legged football, a game that will guarantee fun and entertainment.

Instructions: to play three-legged football you must form pairs, which will have their legs tied; the left legs of one member with the right leg of the other, forming the third leg characteristic of this game. Each match will be a pair against pair, and, of course, the couple that scores more goals in the agreed time will be the winners of the game.

It is reasonable to expect that at the beginning of the game everything will be uncoordinated and disordered, but with a little time, the couples will coordinate and adapt to the dynamics of this fun modality of football.

3-legged football is a game that will be an excellent cardiovascular exercise for the whole family, as well as a unique way to start the camping day.

2. Pull and Loosen the Rope

For this game, you do need a large group of participants, so if you go camping with the whole family (nephews, brothers, uncles, etc.) or with the family of one of your friends is an exciting alternative for the children of the group. Also, of course, you are going to need a very long rope.

Instructions This is a classic camping game, almost cult, and consists of forming two teams which will be positioned at the ends of the rope. A line must be drawn on the floor of the fighting arena; then the teams must pull the ropes in opposite directions to make the opposing team cross the drawn line. The winning team is the one who forced the first member of the opposing team to cross the line.

3. Field Olympics

This is another game for which you need another large group of participants; whether you invite your whole family, the family of your friends, or even some sociable family at the campsite.

Instructions This game is highly competitive and moldable so you can design it as you see fit, creating competitions such as an obstacle course and relays; the test to see which team is capable of setting up a tent faster; treasure hunt, etc., etc., etc.; it’s just a matter of imagining. In the end, the team with the most victories will be the winner of the Olympics.

4. Sitting Ball

Obviously, for this game, you need a ball, especially the lighter, the better, so it is preferable to play with a beach ball. For this game, you don’t need many people. However, the more people who come together, the more fun it will be.

Instructions To play the seated ball, you have to form a circle, where each of the participants, honouring the name of the game, should be seated. Now, the game consists of each player passing the ball to any other but must do so without touching the ball with his hands and avoiding getting up. Players can use any other part of the body, such as the legs, chest, shoulders, head, etc., except the hands, of course. Whoever misses the pass to another player, will be eliminated and the winner of this camping game will be the one who survives the errors of the pass.

5. Worm Race

This game can be done both outside and inside, but, I recommend you do it inside the cabin or bungalow to avoid disasters by dirt or anything else outside.

Instructions If you opt for the interior of your cabin, you will have to clear the available space to place the different obstacles and challenges that will constitute the circuit. Ingéniatelas and use your imagination to elaborate a really exciting challenge for the children. If you don’t have sleeping bags, you can use cushions to simulate the movement of the worm; sitting on them and using hands and feet for movement. The winner of this camping game will be the one who manages to finish the circuit in the least amount of time, avoiding knocking down as many obstacles on the circuit as possible at the same time.

6. Eating Without Hands

Best Family Camping Games

A very popular and traditional camping game of the last century, where the main aperitif and characteristic were the cakes, of different flavours. For your particular case, any kind of food can serve you for the main objective of the game.

Instructions The participants of the game will have the same meal and whoever finishes it first, that is to say, in the shortest possible time, will be the winner of the competition. So, if you have excess food and snacks, you can entertain your family with this traditional game.

7. Parcheesi

This is perhaps the most traditional game of the entire entertainment repertoire, which can be used to entertain under any circumstances, even when you go camping and go to the beach. The Parcheesi works great as an indoor game when the weather does not accompany.

Instructions I don’t think it’s necessary to explain the procedure for this game, so just roll the dice and start with the fun of chance! Kids will love to see how they dominate the game by eating their parents’ chips.

8. Who is Who?

Here’s another popular board game that can save you from some boring afternoon. To play “Who’s Who” you need only sheets of paper and pencils or pens.

Instructions To start the game, cut the paper into small pieces, according to the number of participants, and hand out some pencils or pens. Now, each player must write on the paper the name of some character, whether it’s a movie character, a cartoon, or a family member, etc. Then the players must pass their role to the person on the right. When each player has received the paper from the corresponding person, they should stick it on their foreheads, without seeing what is written on it.

With all this done, the game will have started, where each player can ask a certain number of questions to others to guess who is the character who has written on the forehead. Whoever guesses first wins, of course.

9. Scaterrgories

If you want to spend the last hours of the night in great fun with your family, you can play this game inside the cabin or bungalow, or even in the tent. To play it, just like the previous one, you will need pencils and papers.

Instructions This game consists of creating a list or table with different thematic columns, which can cover everything you can think of or images, such as names, surnames, countries or cities, colours, fruits or vegetables, etc … imagination is very important here. To start the game, one player, in turn, must review the entire alphabet and another player, designated by the group, must stop the review of the other. The first player will say aloud the last letter he thought of, and from here on, in each thematic section of the list, words beginning with that letter must be written. Whoever completes the list must shout “pi”, and everyone else will stop writing.

To determine the winner of the round, a count of points must be made for each word, according to these rules: repeated words are worth 5 points, different words are worth 10 points and single words are worth 20 points.

10. Monopoly

Best Family Camping Games

Monopoly, the biggest classic of all board games, can be a great option as a game to spend any time of the day sharing with your children.

This game can be almost endless, and that’s the best, as it’s hours and hours of complete family entertainment, buying and selling properties. The best? There are hundreds of monopolies themed by series, movies, games, drawings, football teams, etc.

Have fun playing these games in your next camping trip and share your experiences.

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