The Best RV Backup Camera for Your Vehicle

If you are in a hurry and want to find out the best RV Backup Camera, we recommend the Emmako Digital Wireless Backup Camera with 7-inch Monitor Kit

In the ’90s, the worst part about driving a vehicle was to drive in reverse gear. Without any rear-view assistance, it was more probable to hit a wall or another vehicle, but not anymore. Introducing the best Rear-View back-up camera systems, that help you in driving in reverse gear, without manual assistance.

Best RV Backup Cameras to Choose From

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1. ZEROXCLUB Wired Backup Camera System Kit

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A legendary gadget, this RV back-up camera is one of the best there is. It has 18 infrared lights, embedded with night vision. Although this is a wired camera, it has impressive clarity in terms of the video feed that it sends to the monitor. Additional facilities include auto-dimming where you get a clear, bright display when the sun is out and a slightly dim display at night.

It is best suited for trucks, trailers, box trucks, where the range of view required is more extensive than in other vehicles. The best part is that it comes with a 12-month warranty as well as an excellent customer support system that is available round the clock, seven days a week.

Moreover, it is a waterproof gadget and allows you to reverse your vehicle with the utmost ease.


  • Falls under affordable price range between $59 to $200
  • Reliable packaging and easy installation with an installation guide in the package
  • Quick customer care resolution services
  • Excellent field of view
  • Clear and sharp images
  • Solid mount
  • 50-foot-long wire for setup, which can be used for trucks, trailers, box trucks as well as RV’s.


  • The low-cost version is a bit difficult to install. The picture is also a bit unclear as well as grainy in the cheap version of this gadget.
  • No front camera with the package.
  • Not good with laptop or TV monitor.

2. ZEROXCLUB W01 7″ Digital Backup System Kit

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A wireless version of the first product, which is marvellous than the former one. This gadget uses a digital signal, which means there is zero interference. You can get 100% clear and original image of via the back-up digital cameras, right on the monitor of your driver seat.

The W01 can capture clear images, even when the car is speeding above 110 miles/hour. It has a High-End sensor, embedded with 18 infrared lights, that helps in producing high-quality night vision videos. Being a waterproof gadget, you can forget about all the troubles while driving on the highway on a stormy day.

All you need to do is, install the camera, plug the monitor cable to the cigarette lighter, and switch the view of the rear view. Yes, it is that simple.

The best part is that this also comes with a 12-months warranty where you can call the customer care at any point in time. They are speedy and do their best to resolve every issue that you face with the gadget.


  • No wires required because it is a wireless camera setup
  • HD sensors, HD Image processors, and High-Quality night vision
  • Super easy wireless installation, with an installation manual. You can also order an installation video via customer service.
  • Waterproof camera with the right field of view
  • 12-months warranty
  • Fantastic customer services, available 24*7
  • Voltage usage: 12-24V DC
  • Best suited for large vehicles


  • The low-cost version of the product may have dim night vision and a bit unclear image quality
  • The signal may lag a bit in the cheap version of the product

3. eRapta Back-up Camera 2.0 with Split Screen Monitor

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Need something extraordinary to back up your vehicle easily? This is just the product for you. The eRapta Back-up Camera 2.0 comes with a split screen monitor that you can use for the rear as well as a side view. Now, you can quickly reverse your vehicle as well as monitor what lies at the blind spot. Amazing, isn’t it?

Moreover, it has features such as superior night vision, camera embedded with 18 infrared sensors, HD monitor for high-quality images. The warranty you get with this product is for two years, which is better than most of the other back-up camera systems.

You can completely rely on this gadget while speeding on the highway because it will still provide crystal clear images of the side and rear of the vehicle.

Use it with your trailer or tractor; it works well with all kind of big vehicles.


  • Split screen monitor that displays the rear and the side of the vehicle
  • A total of four cameras included in the package
  • HD night vision, and image processor
  • Waterproof cameras
  • Easy installation, with user manual included in the package
  • A whopping two years warranty
  • Excellent customer service that responds within an hour of you sending an email


  • It is a wired back-up camera gadget. Installation can get confusing without reading the user manual
  • The low-cost version of the product may produce slightly colourless images and have a bit narrow field of view
  • Shipping may be delayed due to the manufacturing unit being overseas

4. Emmako Digital Wireless Backup Camera with 7-inch Monitor Kit

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Being wireless in nature, this gadget is the best for people who do not like working with many wires. Field of view of this wireless back-up camera system is quite wide, and the range of the wireless is about 60 ft in a closed area, and about 450 ft in an open area.

It uses a digital signal, which is why this system does not involve any interference during transmission of the video feed to the monitor. You get options to mount the monitor wherever you want to, which is quite fascinating because most of the companies forget about including this factor. Get the video and the images of the rear end of the vehicle by placing the monitor as per your ease.

This is also used with large vehicles such as trailers, trucks, box trailers, etc. The installation does not involve working with wires, hence is as simple as plugging in a cable.


  • The wireless back-up camera system
  • 100% clear image with zero interference
  • Can catch the signal even when the vehicles speeds above 100 mph
  • Wireless range is quite good
  • User manual makes it easier to install the system, without the requirement of a professional
  • Two mounting options for placement of the monitor
  • 2-year warranty on the product


  • Can only be used for rear view
  • Customer support is only via email. No facility of calling the company for a formal complaint

5. Furrion 381556 FOS48TAPK-BL Wireless High-Speed RV Observation System

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Are you obsessed with getting the best? The Furrion 381556, is the best when it is about installing a camera back-up system in your vehicle. This high-end product incorporates high-end technologies such as five times more signal stabilization, resistant to vibration, resistant to extreme climates, LCD which operates in more than one mode.

The most amazing fact about this gadget is that the wireless supports a range of 100 ft, which means that it is suited for all sorts of speciality vehicles. The wireless camera, as well as monitor, has a range of about 300 meters.

If I had a box-trailer and were about to hit the highway, I would’ve chosen this product to be prepared for anything that comes my way.


  • Easy installation, no wires involved, takes 5 minutes to mount and connect
  • 300-meter-wide field of view
  • High-quality night vision
  • Works well even with speeding vehicles
  • Digital signal with zero interference
  • High-Quality video on the monitor
  • Waterproof camera


  • No warranty period mentioned

The low-cost version of the back-up camera has lagging image feed; the signal cuts out at speed above 55 mph

What is a Rear-View Back-up Camera?

The technology of an RV Back-up Camera is now used in almost all vehicles. You will be fascinated to know that this camera has excellent video back-up capabilities. There are many versions of this camera that you will find in the market; however, it depends on the specifications of your vehicle that decide which one is best for you.

An RV Back-up Camera helps you navigate better when you are backing up your vehicle. It is majorly used in case of large vehicles such as trailers and trucks. You will be able to see everything that is behind the vehicle, right from the driving seat. This is helpful in many ways, which is why even small-sized vehicles such as cars make use of this latest gadget to be safe at all times. Scroll down to know the need of this fantastic device.

Why do we Need an RV Back-up Camera?

When you are driving on the hills, or down a narrow path, reversing the vehicle, without assistance, can cause a significant accident. Because hilly roads have steep slopes, it is almost impossible to back-up your car or truck, if you aren’t able to see what lies behind.

  • This gadget helps you overcome the blind spot with ease, which in turn can prevent major accidents from happening.
  • Due to the feature that an RV Back-up Camera has, you can get a rear video feed at all times. This enables you to give a pass to emergency vehicles such as fire-trucks, ambulance.
  • The rear view and side view mirror aren’t able to provide a clear picture of the low-areas. For such areas, this camera can come in handy.
  • According to stats, almost 50 children are struck down every week by a vehicle that reverses the car or truck, without any manual help or a camera. Isn’t that horrible? To avoid such possible accidents, this camera must be installed in every vehicle there is.

Types of RV Back-Up Cameras

You can choose from a wide range of back-up camera types, according to the type of vehicle and the budget that you have.

These cameras majorly fall into two categories:

  1. Wired Rear-view back-up camera
  2. Wireless Rear-view back-up camera

Each class has a different type of RV back-up cameras that are as follows:

  1. Cameras mounted on License Plates: As the name suggests, these are small sized back-up cameras and are mounted on the license plate. They are used in case of cars, trucks, and trailers.
  2. Cameras mounted on Bumpers: These are mainly designed to be installed on bumpers of modern trucks and cars.
  3. Mini Cameras also are known as Ice-Cubes: For two-wheelers as well, there are back-up cameras that are specifically designed in the size of an ice-cube. These mini cameras are best for bicycles, scooters, motorcycles.
  4. Cameras that have a side-view: It is essential for us to remember, the ‘blind spot’ whenever we take a turn while driving. Side-view cameras prevent any accidents from happening by giving the driving a comprehensive view of everything, including the blind spot.
  5. Waterproof & high-performance RV camera: If you are dependent on your RV cameras while driving, then you might reconsider changing it to a waterproof RV camera. In extreme weather conditions, while the other best RV back-up cameras may stop working, this one will always have your back.

High-end cameras such as submersible marine cameras as well as dashboard cameras are also of great use in case of commercial driving and scuba-diving.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best RV Back-up Camera

  • The Field of View: This is the primary purpose of this gadget, which is why it is essential that you check if the camera has a wide range of view. The ones with greater than 90 degrees range are preferable.
  • Night-Vision: Backing up the vehicle, while driving at night, is what you need the camera majorly for. Ensure that the best RV back-up camera that you purchase has enabled night-vision facility.
  • Infrared LED: In case of wireless back-up cameras, if the camera is equipped with Infrared LED, then don’t think twice and make the purchase.
  • Type of Signal: Back-up cameras that use Analog signals to transmit the data, are older versions. In this situation, old isn’t gold. The reason behind this is that analogue signals can experience much interference from nearby vehicles and other devices. Choosing the ones that work with a digital signal is an intelligent choice.
  • The Design & Budget: Design, as well as budget, go hand in hand. You need to first make up your mind on the amount that your pocket allows you to spend, after which you are free to choose the design that can easily be installed in your vehicle.

The Best RV Back-up Camera

The above reviews had made us realise a lot of potential and not-so-potential facts about all the five products. Based on the analysis for each product, every one of the above gadgets is the best in class; however, because the Emmako Digital Wireless Backup Camera has additional features such as the 7-inch monitor mounting options, and promises what it states, it is a clear winner.

Customer service, as well as warranty, are some of the essential features of any technological gadget. As commoners, it becomes quite difficult for us to understand the installation process. These are some other reasons why the Emmako Digital Wireless Backup Camera triumphs all the other back-up camera systems.

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