The Best RV GPS On The Market

If you are in a hurry and want to find out the best RV GPS, we recommend the Garmin 760 LMT with a Wireless Backup Camera.

On hearing the word GPS, the prototype of a virtual map pops up in our heads. I wasn’t very sure of wanting one, till I actually needed one.

A GPS is a ‘must’ for frequent adventurers; you never know what might go wrong. Especially when you are exploring new areas, you need a sense of conviction and security that helps you reach your destination without time wastage, dependency on people and safe roads.

Moving on, down below is the list of the Best RV GPS systems shortlisted for you from all of the research I did before my final purchase.

The Top Picks – Our Review

  1. Garmin RV 770 NA LMT – S Dedicated GPS Navigator
  2. Tom Tom VIA 1605M RV GPS Navigator
  3. Garmin 760 LMT with a Wireless Backup Camera
  4. Magellan Road Mate RV9145-LM RV GPS Navigator
  5. Garmin RV 660 LMT Navigator

Best RV GPS 2019 Reviews

1. Garmin RV 770 NA LMT – S Dedicated GPS Navigator

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The rising popularity of Garmin RV 770 NA LMT has made its reasons obvious, once you view them all.

It is not that overpriced for the quality of the product and brand name attached to it directly. It also has an easier interface loaded with features.

Its large resolution edge to edge display makes it all simply better, with high-quality graphics and maximum screen size. It helps you to firstly browse, plan and create a route that you would like to take for the next day or days.

While that is done, it also alerts you about the touristy attractions that simultaneously come along your way. It definitely sets you up with pretty attractive trips if you make full use of it in the best possible ways.

It has a built in WiFi connectivity system and keeps you up with constant updates while you are on the road. The hands-free feature is enhanced with the ability to receive calls via driving through Bluetooth easily.

The hassle of wired hands-free is long gone now and with this characteristic, you don’t even need a separate blue tooth to use as you drive down your way. Download the linked smartphone app and get continuous access to weather, live traffic and a lot more.


  1. Wireless Reverse Backup Camera
  2. Built-in Bluetooth
  3. High resolution 7 inch maximized screen display
  4. Audio Virtual assistance technology
  5. Extremely user-friendly


  1. Lacks address book
  2. Installation might be tricky for some

2. Tom Tom VIA 1605M RV GPS Navigator

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Another 6 inched screen, providing the ease of choosing from the multiple available options, Tom Tom’s VIA 1605M navigator can be relied upon pretty well, especially once it is mounted with the suction cup around it, everything together helps you to view it all with much more ease.

One of its major advantages is that it has a lifetime free traffic and maps updates. It also has a look book of around huge 7 million already installed attractions that include an array of outlets for your entertainment and basic needs.

Offering you, everyone’s favorite, the split screen feature, this allows you to observe two different views at once! Imagine entering a new town and viewing the route at one side and your points of interest available in the city on the other side!

This feature takes things on the next level when it comes to being quick with comfort.


  1. Split Screen feature
  2. Free lifetime updates
  3. Instant stability due to the rubber suction cup for mounting
  4. 7 Million built-in points of interest


  1. No Bluetooth availability

3. Garmin 760 LMT with a Wireless Backup Camera

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With a display as wide as a 7 inch, high-resolution screen, this Garmin product is one of the most efficient navigators available in the market.

This too has the virtual audio assistance feature called the Garmin Real VoiceTM guide. It helps you make your way through the traffic, explain you the chosen route, direct you, alert you about the jams, tell about the available outlets nearby and farther, all according to your requirements.

The wireless backup camera with a lot of quality but it would need an extension wire in case your RV is longer than 45 feet.

Camera quality and image viewing are so superb that it lets you acknowledge the sidewalks and the people on it too. Although the set up of the wireless camera might require a professional team as it can come out to be difficult and beyond our knowledge and you sure don’t want to mess up the money that you have put in buying it.


  1. 7 inches widescreen display
  2. Wireless Backup Camera
  3. Virtual audio assistance
  4. Lifetime of maps
  5. Self-customized routing system available


  1. A team of professionals might be required for the installation of the wireless camera

4. Magellan Road Mate RV9145-LM RV GPS Navigator

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Making your experience a better one with its multi-destination routing technology, this navigator provides a lifetime of free updates, just as the ones above. It does have a Bluetooth so taking up urgent phone calls and reverting smoothly on them won’t be a situation of panic any longer.

The 7-inch screen display has got the advantage of quick, at a glance menu that makes your work easier and quicker simultaneously.

The unusual plus point of this navigator is that it allows you to customize the routes while keeping vehicle weight as one of the factors that build your trip into a smooth and enjoyable one. It is also compatible with your laptop, and it even has pre-installed campground areas majorly in Canada and the US.

Anyhow, there have been many people complaining about how it stops working after a year or so and dealing with customer care is very hard.


  1. Good compatibility with your PC and Macbooks
  2. Pre-installed locations in Canada and US
  3. Large 7-inch display
  4. Easy to mount up


  1. Low on battery life

5. Garmin RV 660 LMT Navigator

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Garmin products have had a good history in the field of navigators, so does this one.

It has great features like allowing the driver to modify the choice of roads or areas to include or avoid while driving through.

At times, while accessing your personal smart phone’s GPS navigator, you have to go through totally bizarre routes that could have been excluded in case it had such a feature that increases the comfort because of the familiarity of places.

It also gives you, your own directory full of caravan parks and service places. It is an attraction for me since there have been times when I enter a new city I am in a need of one of those.

Its elevation profile lets you view and warns you about the steepness, sudden curves, weighing regulations and more. Although it does not come with a traffic receiver cord via which you get instant and regular updates about the traffic congestion for the day.

Having a 6-inch widescreen, it is a user-friendly device that can be easily understood and managed by the driver, in case of more information; they have a well-equipped user manual.


  1. Provides an instant touch-based, the handy map tool
  2. Makes you well aware of the upcoming steep grades
  3. Gives you a self-customized routing plan
  4. Filters, to meet your needs and choice of amenities


  1. Audio not loud enough
  2. No traffic receiver cord

Things to Consider When Selecting the Best RV GPS:


The screen size is an important attribute since the ease of navigation in an RV is more suitable with a bigger display.  If the display has to be smaller, you can view the same on your phone too!

Always prefer a 6-7 inch, high-resolution display for a GPS in your RV

Ease of Use

Opting for an RV GPS with smaller screen size and buttons might leave you not using it at all after a while. Reason being, you simply can’t have the patience, accuracy, and alertness that manages it to all set right. Having a big screen, better graphics, bigger graphics and touch screen technology is a must. Or else you’re simply putting in your money in a cumbersome deal.

Virtual Audio Assistance

This makes everything a whole lot easier, as all you need to do is, talk and get the best possible results from the voice guide.

You can literally just ask whatever you want to, as you keep driving with smoothness. It makes the journey a lot calmer and hassle-free. This way you keep the navigator under control and the driving of the wheel too!

Reputation Matters

GPS is an electronic device is preferred to come from a branded company. You do not want to go in for a newbie or opt for something that doesn’t have much of good history in the market. Always go in for a trustworthy and well-reputed brand that provides all the possible features, including value for money for a long time period. So that you’re at the safer side and stay out of the whole customer care cycle.


Go in for the product that gives you good WiFi connectivity so you stay updated with the traffic conditions ahead and are able to modify in time in case of congestion. On road constructions and the climatic changes can be identified if the GPS system is has a strong WiFi connection.

Another aspect to take care of is Bluetooth availability. Nobody wants to still stick to the old wired hands-free when there is a much better option. Simply connect your phone to the Bluetooth and talk on the phone as you drive.


My personal choice would be the Garmin RV 760 as it has all the most suitable features of a GPS required for an RV.

Topped with 7 inches of high-resolution display, which allows me to go through everything on the screen in the easiest manner, without putting too much focus for too long at the screen, the maximized screen fits perfectly well be the first thing to notice about a GPS.

The high resolution provides glimpse information and its mounting is pretty easy as well. Customization of the route is also at a faster pace and has better outputs as; the system takes in the physical dimensions of your motor home and comes up with the most suitable routes keeping in consideration the size of the vehicle.

The wireless camera has been working extremely well for me and the quality it provides is a whole lot better than the other navigator cameras that I came across.

It is also not the costliest; therefore fitting it into your budget won’t be much of an issue. Although it does give the value of the money that you have put in, I didn’t have a single issue with the working of it so far. It’s rather maximizing my flawless experience while traveling in the camper.

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