The Best RV Heater for Keeping Your RV Warm

If you are in a hurry and want to find out the Best RV Heater, we recommend the De Longhi EW7707 CM Oil Filled Radiator

Just because you’re on the road, doesn’t mean you got to bear with all types of extreme climates. Heaters are a must in heavy winter; the following 6 heaters have been thoroughly reviewed before lining up in front of you. In all sorts of portable shapes and sizes, one of them might fit well into your wintery days and keep you cozy throughout!

Best RV Heater 2019 Reviews

In this article, we have reviewed the following RV heaters:

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1. Camco 57351 Olympian Wave – 8 LP Gas Catalytic Heater

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Once you see the company name as ‘Camco’ in the title, you already ought to know that the product is going to be good and pretty much suitable for you as Camco has always been delivering the best to its customers.

Wave heaters are known for spreading out heat in the quietest ways, as they do not include any kind of fan or air blower sounds. Another feature of such heaters is that their heat passes on upwards first, which makes a better warmer effect.

It has been created for compact spaces such as 290 sq and that’s why it is RV perfect! It provides 4000 to 8000 BTU meaning, British thermal unit, which measures the heat. Another advantage that comes along the way with these heaters is that they require no electric cords or any type of batteries that would require your attention off and on. Such heaters are extremely durable and go on working well for years; they are budget friendly since they work on LP gas fuelling them and give a similar feeler as the naturally soothing solar radiations.

All you need to make sure is that you have a cylinder filled with HD-5 propane gas ready for the next use!


  1. The heat valve shuts off automatically
  2. Wall mounting feature available which makes the space occupancy of the heater a lot less.
  3. No electric hassle to be taken care of
  4. Sleek and portable


  1. Slightly pricey
  2. Thermostatic control not available

2. Handy Heater Wall Heater

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The moment you lay your eyes onto it, you’ll know that this is one of the tiniest heater’s you’re viewing.

The above fact makes it obvious that the heating capacity of this heater is going to be lesser than you might require. It works fine for a 100 sq feet but anything more won’t be giving satisfactory results.

The part that annoys me the most is the fact that you need to set up the whole menu every time you choose to turn it on. Switching on a heater should be as easy and as comfortable as turning on any other appliance in your room. Some might get fed up with that since there ought to be more comfortable when you deal with the items that improve your lifestyle.

Having the size of approximately 6 inches, it consumes 350 power watts for its use. It has some pretty good features; it makes fairly minimal noise and would rather feel nonexistent with its utterly compact size and no sound characteristic. It’s extremely affordable and has an auto timer feature that keeps you tension free for 12 hours straight.

Although not many people are happy with the product due to its low heating efficiency and some even claim that there are duplicates of the same. Please be sure of finding the right one for you.


  1. Extremely portable
  2. Little space occupancy
  3. Heats up small areas well


  1. Does not heat as advertised
  2. Requires manual effort to set up the menu every time switched on

3. Lasko CD09250 Ceramic Heater

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Like they say it, old is gold! On noticing this one, you’ll realise the whole look of this heater turns back time for some. The classic design also increases its durability and has made many happy customers so far.

It’s super hassle free with simply plugging in the cord and getting instant warmth for as long as you’d like. Controls of this heater are super friendly to use, the size is way too convenient for carrying around but the good ironical part is, its heating capacity isn’t defined by its dimensions.

The safety part slightly concerns me more, anyhow the outer body stays cool to touch and carry instantly after taking out the plug. Although the heater has mildly burnt the table top where it was kept for once when stayed on for a whole night. If this is a regular thing, you might notice a slight melting of the body on the bottom.

Having an adjustable thermostat, with the variety as wide as 11 various temperatures of heat to keep you cosy and comfortable, just the way you like it! It also has 3 other settings that comprise of high and low heat, lastly, it’s the fan that you might want to turn on once you’re warm enough and can do a bit of energy saving via the product.


  1. Highly durable
  2. Portable structure adds up with the built-in carrying handle
  3. Heats very efficiently


  1. Excessive use might endanger the safety
  2. Does not shut down automatically after long hours of use and heat

4. Bovado USA 166648 Ceramic Space Heater

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The built ensures relative durability and this one comes with knobs too. The knobs might be slightly outdated but they sure are very easy to work with.

The heater produces heat as and when it is switched on and warms up the air in no time! Besides its totally compact structure which makes it easy to be taken anywhere that has a power outlet.

This product has another similarity to the Lasko CD09250 heater, which is the thermostat control with the similar three modes, high heat, low heat and the fan mode. Although what makes the major difference in this product is that it shuts down automatically after reaching a certain temperature, and does not overheat or cause burns. Therefore it is safer and more efficient overall.

This near to perfection heater has just one disadvantage, it’s noisy. Other than that it’s the best buy one can do for their camper.

The noise might be an issue in case you’re a light sleeper or get headaches from constant rumbling sounds, as it sure causes trouble to some of us. You obviously cannot buy this product if you are looking for something to keep you warm at your workplace since it sure would be the element of disturbance for all.


  1. Affordable
  2. Smart and portable
  3. Fairly durable
  4. Amazing heating capacity and effect


  1. Too noisy

5. De Longhi EW7707 CM Oil Filled Radiator

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The product is surely one of the best buys, only if you didn’t live on the road. As the first thing about this heater cum radiator is it’s built. It sure can be rolled over from room to room but it can’t come in handy in case you need to camp out or vice versa.

As tall as 24 inches and weighs about 25 pounds, it is able to heat up large areas for a lot longer time when compared to the rest of the heaters on this list.

It’s a very safe product since it has round edges and a thermal shutoff feature that prevents overheating the room. Once switched on, it may take a while to heat the whole area but once it settles down the temperature, it stays warm even after an hour or two of switching it off. It maintains the optimal room temperature very well and for a lot longer than expected.

Being an oil filled radiator, it doesn’t require any sort of refilling or care in that context. As it has the oil system sealed in for forever usage too! All you need to do is, plug in the cord and set the required temperature, it’s going to work well in all contexts even if you forget about it!


  1. Works amazingly well even if it stays on for months
  2. Saves on your bills in case you use it properly
  3. Zilch vibration or sounds
  4. Hassle Free
  5. Great thermostat


  1. Not easily portable
  2. Doesn’t provide instant heat

How to Select the Best RV Heater

Looking into the following subheadings can help you decide for the best-suited product as your RV Heating system:


You can’t afford much or risks when you’re moving place to place every day. Whatever you may buy for your camper has to be solid enough to ease out your journey for a long while. Do not go in for something that melts due to excessive heat or does not have the auto shut down feature on tipping over.


The lesser the maintenance is, the easier it will be to divide your attention on the things that actually matter and in case you go in for a heater created keeping in mind a camper’s needs, you’d have to stay least bothered because there isn’t much to maintain if you make the right choice.

Heating Capacity

Even if it a camper, there’s no reason to settle in for a small portable heater that won’t heat it all very well! Make sure to get the value of the price you pay which stays satisfying till the very end.


My personal favourite is the De Longhi EW7707 CM Oil Filled Radiator. It’s like a one stop shop, for me as a camper? It’s got everything I need and I’d rather keep it in than trying to move it into my tent for which I’d buy a smaller and instant heater so that I am able to get the best of both worlds!

De Longhi’s model keeps you tension free, super cosy and is cost effective too. The safety features are full proof and there isn’t anything to maintain in it as well.

The tall and smart design is one of the many things I like about it. It goes good with my inner decor; it is not a very old school either! It gives a sleek finished feeler to its structure and is easy to clean once in a while too since there aren’t any wired nets to cover the fan which gets all of the dust into them.

I now thank you for viewing this article until the very end, I hope it has helped you make your best purchase.

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