The Best RV Inverter for Camping and Travel

If you are in a hurry and want to find out the best RV Inverter, we recommend the Power Tech ON 3000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter.

Power back up is a constant and one of the most important requirements in any given place and so it is in motor homes.

Right after the wave output form, the size becomes an important factor that one needs to take care of. Since RV’s are already another form of compact living, one does surely not want to cover up much space because of anything that can have a modified option.

Let’s move on to reviewing about the possible choices you would want to make for your camper!

Best RV Inverter 2019 Reviews

In this article, we are going to review the following RV Inverters:

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1. AIMS Power PICOGLF30W112V120VR 3000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter

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When buying an inverter for your RV, you might get something easy and portable but so would be its power giving efficiency. This product from AIMS Power gives you the best of both; it can go up to starting heavy-duty appliances such as refrigerators and also work well for the charging of one of your beloved gadgets.

It includes a charger that is able to convert AC to DC battery powers. Although it isn’t of the best quality which, as even the slightest of voltage drop affects devices plugged into it for charging.

Anyhow, the Pure Sine technology is always a better option, especially if it’s a low-frequency inverter since it does not let you down and change its energy aptitude from device to device.

The power can rise up as high as 9000 watts, which lasts for 20 seconds, majorly to give them a kick start.

It doesn’t overheat even a bit, or not at least in maximum quantity where the chances of catching a fire become prone. Another feature is that it supports power saver mode which can be turned on by putting it in 25 watts.


  1. Pure Sine Wave technology
  2. Supports heavy-duty appliances
  3. Compatible with a variety of devices
  4. Compact, takes less space occupancy
  5. 7 Battery Type settings


  1. The voltage drop at times
  2. Poor Customer service in case of diagnosis or replacement issues

2. Power Tech ON 3000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

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The rising favourite of its customers, Power Tech’s model is known for being efficient enough in all kinds of situations where its power giving capacity stands strong.

Keeping in mind the safety aspects, it has got you all covered with 5 separate protection systems. Starting with the thermal protection, it shuts itself off in case of tipping. The harmonic distortion of its charger is beyond the minimal 3%, which of course makes it safer than ever for a varied set of devices without a second thought.

It also has an alarm that alerts you for the times when the voltage takes a dip. You may stay as carefree as you’d like! It includes about 3 AC power sockets, 1 USB port, remote control and cables.

Just like AIMS Power inverter reviewed above this one, the compatibility feature is present here too and so is the conversion but this Power Tech inverter has incredible power quality to offer.

It has proved to be highly durable for a portable inverter, with its base watt being 3000 that can rise up to 6000 watts.


  1. Superb power quality
  2. Very compatible with various appliances including air conditioners
  3. Ultra Safe
  4. Harmonic Distortion


  1. Expensive

3. Windy Nation Vertamax 3000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter

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What first drew me towards it is the digital LED display that lets you view all the figures and readings taking place in the system as it works. It allows you to monitor and implement change on the power usage and the battery voltage frequency if required.

This is one of the best Pure Sine Wave inverters since it gets ranked primarily in all the vast concerns that come complimentary when you’re trying for the most suitable RV inverter.

It has 3 AC power outlets and each one of them has its own red switch that controls the power flow in the sockets. This makes it more convenient for the user to keep a nominal control.

It has a high & low voltage alarm, thermal shutdown feature, short circuit protection, low voltage shutdown and protection through internal fuses.

You can choose anything from a microwave, video game, computer to air conditions etc, and this inverter will still faultlessly power them all without the issue of voltage drops.

The price might go over your budget but some people simply consider it be worth it. Even though it’s one of the most expensive portable inverters, it has the happiest costumers, over 98%.


  1. 1 Year Warranty
  2. High compatibility
  3. Very reliable design
  4. Perfectly suited for RV’s as it has the best of everything
  5. Extreme protection


  1. Very expensive

4. KRIEGER 3000 Watt 12 V Power Inverter

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Being one of the most compact and portable RV inverters, this KRIEGER product has everything packed up in its little system. Starting with the size, which is another advantage, since the space occupancy would be lesser; this inverter gives a continued power flow of 3000 watts and turns the highest at 6000 watts.

It also provides you with the necessary protections, such as the short circuit, auto cut off on overload and auto cut off on overheating as well.

This inverter has the LCD display feature too and just like the other inverters with an LCD display, you can always keep a check on the power flow, battery levels and the output wattage. The can be ongoing for long but you won’t ever end up without a perfectly working KRIEGER inverter.

It has been tested by METLAB and has also been UL approved; it even gives you 3 years of parts and labour warranty!


  1. Small, mobile size
  2. METLAB tested, UL approved
  3. Safety Protections
  4. Budget-friendly


  1. 24/7 Default backlight stays on
  2. Noisy

5. Power Bright PW3500-123,500 Watt Power Inverter

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A typical heavy duty inverter, this model of Power Bright inverters, comes in 8 different sizes to choose from.

Since it has been created to handle loads, it does give you a peak power of 7000 watts faultlessly and provides 29.2 amps.

To keep the body of the inverter cool, it has a built-in fan that specifically works on minimal heating of the inverter.

It has the capacity to power large appliances without voltage drops, such as the air conditioner and other varied heavy duty appliances.

It does have 4 standard power outlets but no USB ports.

A thing to remember is that this is not a pure sine wave inverter, which can be a major turn off. Since pure sine wave quality is what is mainly preferred due to its compatibility with all kinds of appliances and devices. Sensitive products might get damaged if plugged into for power flow in a modified sine wave inverter.


  1. Low Voltage Alarm
  2. Cooling fan to keep the temperature of the inverter down
  3. Auto shot circuit on overheating
  4. Durable heavy duty inverter
  5. 7000 watts peak


  1. Modified Sine Waveform

How to choose the Best RV inverter?

While looking for the best-suited RV inverter, there is a lot to keep in mind, allow me to narrow it down for you to its main concern points:

Wave Form

This works in two types, modified sine wave and pure sine wave. The modified sine wave is cheaper in price and sometimes in quality too. As it doesn’t really work well with all kinds of appliances, unlike pure sine wave that produces a better output for analogues especially when it powers home appliances because of which it has the ability to have a smooth power flow to almost any device you’d wish to use.


A lot of factors here depend on what you specifically be needing as our requirements vary from person to person. The watt size majorly is one such attribute that is going to be decided by you. As you must have noticed in the article as well, there is nothing lesser than 30000 watts that are preferably considered good for your RV but what matters is, how much power flow your camper and the appliances in it would be requiring. Once you get the approximation of that, choices will narrow down even more.


The inverter is your main dependable source of power when you’re travelling in a camper every day. It is extremely important to make your final purchase while majorly considering the factors like, how much time the inverter works without energy loss and avoids extreme drops of voltage when in use.


There are various features that focus primarily on making the inverter safer, do look for them. Such as, the auto shutdown or protection against high temperatures, alarming on low battery power, a reverse polarity which means the wiring is a receptacle and is done at the back end of the inverter’s body.

An advantage for the safety features is the digital LCD display that is gradually becoming common with the inverters. As it is a very good way to keep an easy check on the inverter. The high to low voltage, since that simultaneously affects the appliances or devices connected to it for smooth power flow. It also shows you the percentage of the current battery so that there’s never a time when you’re completely out of power.

Why RV Inverters?

If you’re someone who wanders from place to place every next day via your camper, you’re going to need a power backup for yourself, which dwells in everything and sticks through thick blackouts or emergencies to nominal use as well.

There are some major attractive benefits of an RV inverter, listed below:

Hassle Free

Typically created for RV inverters do not require any type of fuel and neither would they need a lot of investment once you have brought the best-suited RV inverter for yourself.

More like ‘nonexistent’

It depends on what you like to choose, if you go in for something that is of cheap value, there are chance of awful smell and lot of noise that might become a constant distraction. Although that is not the case with good quality products, they do not have any of the above, yeah few might secrete an odour at the first time but that’ll eventually leave. The price of such quality products is higher as well; you basically get what you pay for! They make nil noise and also stay compact to one corner that utilizes a relatively small space. Being a major silent worker, the inverter suffices to all your needs and doesn’t involve disturbances either.


For me as a camper, the Power Tech On 3000 watts inverter is the winner. It has everything and more than an efficient RV inverter is ought to have.

Starting with the harmonic distortion to the ultra-safe features such as its 5 levelled protection systems, and peaking watts for heavy duty appliances as well, the price might not be a pro but once you use it well, you’ll realise that it’s completely worth the expense.

The technology is pure sine wave as well, which makes it so much more compatible with all kinds of devices without the consequences of drops in voltage that might disrupt the plugged in appliances mainly for power.

The LED light alarming system comes a lot in handy as it catches your attention as soon as it starts to reflect, which makes it easier to monitor and control the inverter.

Another wanted feature available in this is the USB port. Yes, it does come with 3 power outlets but the USB port is one of its efficient features since it comes a lot in use.

Not just for RV’s but this one even fits in well when coming in use for cars to boats as well. The advantages of this product are multiple.

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