The Best RV Tires for Perfect Drivers

If you are in a hurry and want to find out the best RV Tires, we recommend the Michelin XPS RIB Truck Radial Tires.

When I think RV, one of the first things out of the huge set of attractions I get the feeler of on thinking motor homes is of choosing the best RV tires.

Not like I fancy tires but campers are moving homes and tires are like the backbone of it all. Good tires are surely going to take you places and let you keep up with the spirit of unveiling new roads without any fear.

Let the adventurer in you shine on!

Best RV Tires 2019 Reviews

The Top Picks – Our Review:

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1. Boto Tires BT926 Radial Tire

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The company is a subsidiary of the China Wanda Group, which comes under the top 500 Chinese enterprises for their financial and production qualities.

BOTO mainly specializes in off-roaders and has been doing pretty good for a starter in the market. Its quality is showcased well by BT929 Radial Tire model.

Backing a place in the best Rv tires list, this one here is tuning up into favorites because of its though built that supports various advantages. Its tread pattern is sure pretty unusual which lets even slight water clogging fade to a zero.

You may do the penny test and you’ll still be more than satisfied! For those unaware, the tread is the area of the tire that comes in contact to the road. Therefore the better the tread, the better will be your journey. At times the tread goes all worn off and limits traction but this tire has been doing extremely well in that case. The other one of them is that it produces nil noise, making it even more perfect for distant drives.


  1. Provides amazing control over the steering
  2. Extremely strong body
  3. Minimizes noise while driving to zero
  4. Perfect for long journeys
  5. Unique 5 rib Tread Pattern


  1. Might go over the budget, since it’s pricey

2. Goodyear Wrangler Fortitude HT All-Season Radial Tire

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One of the globally famous and truly quality producing, this association is a much trusted and wanted brand by the customers. I’m personally a fan of the same as I have always had a good experience with their products.

Coming to its name, as it has already displayed one of its highlights, the tires are said to work well in each season and also the fact that they give you an enhanced driving feeler, irrespective of the climatic conditions since they are built for you in case you live in an extreme weather place.

Another advantage that comes complimentary with the usage of all-season tires is that they are more fuel efficient as compared to others. HT meaning, highway terrain, adds up and creates a soothing round up drive.

Constructed for 17-inch rims and the load index of fine enough 115 meaning it can carry the load of 1389 pounds per tire.


  1. Good Fuel Efficiency
  2. Heavy Duty quality yet the variety of included features
  3. Minimal noise
  4. Satisfactory traction in all kinds of climatic conditions
  5. Array of sizes


  1. The costing might be a concern

3. Michelin XPS RIB Truck Radial Tire

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Michelin has never let us down, with millions of happy customers; it sticks to being the second largest tire manufacturer on the globe.

Since these tires were built majorly to flourish the commercial usage, they are a double of the regular RV tire. From the sturdy built to their weight which makes it easier for them to smoothly travel with extreme loads.

In contrary, the tread of these tires is designed to stay as good as new for a much longer time than you expect. Which makes me come to the excellent steel case, as it is directly proportional to the extended life of the tire.

The brand also has its name for meeting the needs of people that demand all kinds of sizes and there isn’t one that hasn’t been available.

From good fuel efficiency to carrying loads, traveling miles without tearing of the tread to having utmost strong steel casing, for which it comes under world’s best, these tires have it all. Except for working smoothly on snowy roads, otherwise, they give all the comfort one requires for their vehicle.


  1. Provides the best stability
  2. Perfect for long hauls
  3. Extremely Sturdy built
  4. High fuel economy
  5. Highway Terrain


  1. Doesn’t work well with snow

4. Sailun S637 Trailer Radial Tire

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A heavy duty tire that truly belongs on this list for it’s not so commonly found features. The company is another newbie in the market but has been doing good, producing a large variety of all kinds of tires one might need.

With its load index rating as 129 and a generous wide tread area, this tire gives major advantages while driving, especially in a full-time wheel trailer. As it has the bandwidth to manage perfect traction even in the snow!

That’s major due to the design of its tread of course but there’s more to the tread face. It gives you full control and smoothness over the wheel without putting any significant pressure. The ease of long journeys involving a group of people increases.

It’s a great tire, especially for 5th wheelers. It does come with a lot of weight and a rough-tough surface which is perfect as it completely enhances its durability and reliability as a trailer tire.


  1. Huge tread area
  2. Pocket-friendly!
  3. Amazing drives in all kinds of climatic conditions
  4. Stays fuel efficient


  1. Might get your sidewall bubbled up

5. Trailer King ST Radial Tire

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Besides being known for its strength, Trailer King’s ST Radial tires price makes it a winner when it comes to the expenditure especially on sale prices but it comes along with various other attributes to look at.

The center groove feature is more like a synonym for all season tires, as the aim of both of them do is more or less similar i.e. giving a good drive experience in all kinds of extreme weathers. Other relatively close features of this tire are to give tire tracking and providing better stability.

Due to its outboard shoulder design, they render more comfort enduring rides and minimal noise too. It’s said to be specifically created for towing trailer applications.

Its load index is approximately 117 and the rim diameter is 15. Although the rims aren’t included with the tire, the nylon overlay on all of its sides is one of the reasons for its known super strength and fine performance when it comes in contact with higher load applications.


  1. Center Groove feature
  2. Better than average top speed
  3. Nylon overlay
  4. Well built shoulder design


  1. Wearing out of tires sooner than expected making safety a major issue

How to Select the Best RV Tires

Selecting the perfect suited tire for your camper can sometimes be kind of hectic since there are way too many factors to take care of.


The tires you end up buying are going to be the ones that to a great extent decide your journey, therefore it’s more than important to choose the safest possible tires for yourself and your family. Always go in for ST or LT tires, as they are both fully compatible for all kinds of trailer applications. ST meaning special trailer and LT meaning light truck tires.

Check in with the sipes, groove ratio, structure, unique tread patterns, and self-locking sipes.

Remember that the heavy-duty tires are always the best for RVs!


We all want to put our hard earned money into something that goes a long way and doesn’t wear out before the rational amount of use. Many tires are known for getting their treads all weary which results in retreatment, new purchase or unsafe traveling.


Never settle for an ‘approx’size in your head. Always make it a point to select the size via the size chart that makes you doubly confirm about the same. Also make sure to recheck the digits mentioned on the sidewalls of a tire, the one you’re looking for must start with ‘LT’ or ‘ST’ in case you’re a trailer owner.

Suitable Design

From the best available tread design, good traction in a variety of weather conditions, resistance to cupping and its speed ratings, all are to be checked on before making up your mind for a final tire purchase.


Talking about the strength of a tire, various characteristics get involved, few main examples of the same are its load taking capacity & sidewall strength.

RV owners are ought to be aware of the consequences that come up in case of increasing the weight on the tires than it is built for. First, the durability will lessen, causing wearing and tearing of the tread rubber and gradually the chances of a blowout will arise at higher stakes if not taken good care of. Therefore putting on more weight than advised is only going to cause danger and multiply the chances of risk while you’re on the road.

The perfect sidewall strength does a lot of justice to your vehicle. It minimizes the damage during rough encounters with the road debris.

Types of RV Tires

Radial Tires

They are known for their flexing sidewalls, unlike the nylon tires, also providing much more control towards the wheel. The tread life is longer as well which is directly linked to the lessened rolling resistance that also results in better fuel economy.

They have a 90-degree angle that majorly separates them from the other type. Giving a wider tread face and more robust structure, they have become the most preferable ones past a long while now.

Bias Tires

Or nylon tires, as they are called due to the nylon belt that runs on a 30 to 40-degree angle. It has multiple rubber layers one after another, they overlap and cause heat sensitivity sooner and the tires wear out fast than the radial tires. The multiple layers also promote less flexibility, although the price of bias tires is lesser so is the overall impact of the tires.

LT Tires

Fully known as, light truck tires; they are the most suitable for recreational vehicles. Just like their name suggests, they are created and produced for off-road purposes.

Since the vehicles are bigger in comparison to passenger cars, the ground clearance given by LT tires is also bigger and if you compare them from P (passenger) tires, they’re simply the double of all its characteristics, from durability, built to carry heavy loads and the price.

ST Tires

Special trailer tires are loaded with features like higher speed, heavier items, stiffer sides to help not let the trailer get swayed. Basically, it’s a higher end of the LT tires as well. More likely to be seen, trailer tires are mainly for vehicles without an engine and are being towed by others.

Concluding It All

One must do their research until they feel at content with their decision of the final product. As for me, I personally suggest the Michelin XPS tires, since it satisfies me in all possible ways and suits me well. Neither do I have snowy roads to drive down to!

The company has been one of the world’s best in tire manufacturing and production.

Since this Michelin model has been created, keeping in mind the commercial purposes, it works even better as compared to the rest of the RV tires in the list. The robust and sturdy steel case ensures longevity of the tire.

Also, the reputed brand has innumerable sizes and all the major advantages one would want from a company. I am more of a 24/7 camper, therefore I require the tires that would stick in their best shape with me for the longest possible time period.

There sure are more tires out there that haven’t made it to this list but that does not make them any less as well. Happy finding till what you find doesn’t make you the happiest!

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