The Best Tent Fan for Your Next Camping Adventure

If you are in a hurry and want to find out the best tent heater, we recommend the Geek Aire Rechargeable Outdoor Floor Fan.

Whether it’s summertime and you are sweating inside a tent or its winter and moisture are immersing your stuff, a tent fan could be a crucial part of your camping tool kit. However, with countless models and features, it’s not easy to narrow down the options. Here we will assist you to figure out what to consider when selecting the best tent fan for your next camping adventure.

Best Tent Fan 2019 Reviews

The following camping fans are reviewed:

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1. Geek Aire Rechargeable Outdoor Floor Fan

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Do you need a bigger fan for serious drying or air flow in a family-sized tent? Look at the Geek Aire Rechargeable Outdoor Floor Fan.

It’s 12-inch blades and great velocity can cause windy conditions in every size tent. Needless to say, you’ll require a lot of floor space for this particular tent fan.

It measures 16.7 inches wide and is 14.5 inches tall. It is durable and water resistant, and it also has anti-slip feet meant for stability. The adjustable fan settings provide you with a full range of windspeeds to match any condition.

Once you have battery recharged, you’ll be able to power any USB device from your fan’s energy supply, though that decreases the overall runtime.


  1. Rechargeable battery
  2. Runs up to 24 hours on one charge
  3. Features as an emergency power bank (USB)
  4. 12-inch metal fan blades
  5. Noiseless motor
  6. One-knob adjustable speed setting
  7. LED battery gauge indication
  8. 120-degree tilt
  9. Anti-slip rubberized feet
  10. Water-resistant


  1. Occupies a lot of space

2. Image Portable LED Camping Lantern With Ceiling Fan

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Appearance can be misleading, and the Image Portable LED Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan proves it!

At first glimpse, the fan resembles a camping lantern. But it has a dual purpose as a fan, as well. The fan, as well as light, make use of battery power so that you can pack some extras and be set regardless of conditions.

One D battery will run the fan for about five hours at high-speed, nearly 20 hours with the LED function running.

You can use the fan on its own, LED light on its own or even both at the same time.  You can hang the lamp using the hook in the middle of your camping tent or prop it in the built-in stand. The entire unit rotates 360 degrees so that you can use the light as a flashlight if required.


  1. Portable since it runs off battery power
  2. Features an LED light
  3. Hanging hook
  4. Rotating base
  5. 2 fan settings


  1. Must buy the battery separately
  2. The light dims when the fan is on simultaneously

3. OPOLAR Battery Operated Rechargeable Fan

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If you’re in search of something a bit more traditional and minimalistic, the OPOLAR Battery Operated Rechargeable Fan may serve your needs.

The 9-inch frame takes a bit of floor space, however, in terms of standard fans, this rechargeable option is probably the most straightforward you will find for camping out. It weighs under two pounds but provides the utility that you will find in a home fan. In addition, the included rechargeable batteries mean it is possible to take this fan just about everywhere.

Although there is no handle or it doesn’t have the hanging feature, the swivel design lets you position the airflow. Having a silent airflow, you will forget that this fan is running. This fan can last up to 12 hours running on the lowest speed setting.


  1. Standard rechargeable via USB
  2. One or two battery function
  3. Lasts around nine hours
  4. Is able to use a wall adapter for power
  5. The fan rotates on a swivel frame
  6. Battery packs included
  7. Light-weight for the size
  8. Variety of speed settings
  9. Runs silently


  1. Not compatible with regular batteries (must use associated battery)
  2. No additional features- fan only

4. O2COOL 10-Inch Portable Camping Fan

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For a tent fan which packs well as well as delivers a punch, the O2COOL 10-inch Portable Camping Fan is really a safer bet.

It works by using six D batteries for power, making it hefty. However, it retracts flat for handy storage- absolutely essential if you have less space for the camping gear.

The foldable function, in addition, enables the fan to pivot so that you can point it up and down inside the camping tent. Together with two fan speed options, the tent fan has 3 LED light settings for direct and indirect lighting. The night light feature is fantastic for both kids and normal visibility.

The tent fan is fairly silent but does produce some white-noise. Another potential downside is the need to keep your tent fan away from moisture – sometimes difficult given the situations inside a camping tent.


  1. Battery power
  2. 2 speeds
  3. 3-setting Led lighting
  4. Folds flat
  5. Built-in carrying handle
  6. Swiveling function
  7. Batteries last as long as 53 hours on low setting
  8. Could use with a 9-volt adapter (not included with the package)


  1. Requires 6 batteries
  2. The power supply is not included
  3. Creates a bit of white noise

5.Comlife Battery Operated Clip-On Portable Fan

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In case your tent lacks a utility hook or loop, the Comlife Battery Operated Clip-On Portable Fan enables you to preserve floor space. Just look for a spot to clip it, pick one of the variable fan speeds, and have fun with the breeze.

The size makes it perfect for smaller tents, however, in a bigger tent, the fan speeds might be ineffective. Still, the tent fan can run up to 32 hours on a single battery charge. In addition, with a fully-charged battery, the fan can operate as a power bank in case of emergencies. Charge your mobile phone or other devices by using USB while you’re on the go.

Even though the fan speed is highly adjustable, the noise output is low. Having said that, if white-noise is something you’re a fan of, you might not want this fan as it is fairly quiet.


  1. Chargeable battery power
  2. USB charging as well as a power function
  3. Positioning clip
  4. Can use as a power bank (USB) in case of emergency
  5. Minimal noise
  6. Battery lasts around 32 hours per charge


  1. Might be too small for bigger tents
  2. Requires specific batteries (does not work with standard batteries)

Use of Camping Tent Fans

You may wonder why you need a fan for camping out, particularly if your tent has windows or even ventilation panels. But it’s not only about moving the air around. Here are some specific uses of camping fans.

Air Circulation

Unless the ideal breeze is blowing, opening up your tent’s mesh vents or panels will simply do so much. Whether or not the wind is blowing, a tent fan will help circulate the fresh air inside your tent. You’ll be able to position the fan facing a window or ventilation panel or perhaps in front of an open door to get the air moving.

Another added bonus is that Even if the temperature isn’t lowered with a camping fan, you might feel cooler when the air is blowing right on to you.

Drying Out

Regardless of weather conditions, you might find unexpected moisture inside your tent. Whether it’s condensation from the warm bodies inside or leakage from the rain, your camping tent might begin sweating. A camping tent fan will help dry out the interior and preserve your tent from growing fungus or mold.

The same applies to any gear you’ve got in your tent when condensation or leakage happens. You may use a strong camping fan to dry up soaked sleeping-bags, clothing, and various gear.

Cooling Effects

While a fan may not reduce the interior temperature of the tent, moving air is way better than stagnant when it’s hot. If being outdoors is too much midday but the inside of the tent continues to be sweltering, a tent fan can certainly help make it bearable.

Banishing Bugs

Bugs is definitely a big problem when camping out, particularly if you’re planning to maintain airflow through your tent and have doors or windows open. Or, if you are going in and out a lot, stray bugs might find their way inside.

A tent fan will help prevent tiny winged critters from getting beyond the door- and if they are already in, it will keep them from landing onto you. Depending upon how you place the unit, it will help to prevent bugs from coming inside or jumping in the tent’s occupants.

Things to Consider in Selecting the Best Tent Fan

Not all tent fans are alike, but we understand what to consider with regards to features. From bare-bones three-speed fans to those having LED lights, as well as USB charging, can be found online. Listed below are the features you might see and should take into consideration.

Power Supply

Some tent fans make use of traditional power and need an outlet or generators. Other Tent Fans use rechargeable or replaceable battery packs, also using USB plugs to get a power supply. Sometimes, you may encounter a couple of solar camping fans as well.

Consider where you will be traveling, how powerful you need your fan to blow, and how the power supply will affect the overall performance. Generally, battery-powered fans have lower output as compared to corded models. But, that’s not necessarily the case- and the compromise is that battery-powered fans will be more portable compared to the alternative.

Speed Settings

The majority of fans have a minimum of three-speed settings. Consider whether you will use the fan continuously for air circulation (likely lower speeds) or if you primarily require a fan for drying-out purposes (higher speeds are beneficial).

Also, the more varying the speed, the more performance the camping fan has in the long run. Obviously, higher speeds may deplete battery-powered fans faster, so bear this in mind, as well.

Setup Space

Although camping fans need set up on solid ground, some can hang from the utility loop in your tent ceiling. Consider how you would like to use the fan and how much space you’ve got inside your tent. In case your tent doesn’t have pockets, gear – storage, or a utility hook, you will require a grounded model.

For small spaces, you can prefer a hanging fan or one that will fit into a pocket. Several models include stands or hooks to help you keep floor space, too.

Additional Features

A lot of tent fans include extra features like hanging hooks, LED flashlights, and even timers. Consider whether you require a single-function or dual-function fan for your camping wants. Generally, a light feature in the tent is helpful especially if you have plans to hang it from the ceiling of your camping tent.


Although smaller capacity fans have their own place, our pick for the best camping fan is definitely the Geek Aire Rechargeable Outdoor Floor Fan. It is weather resistant, which means you don’t have to worry if it is left outside the tent or gets dripped on the inside, also it packs a value with regards to speed and power.

Of course, the rechargeable function is perfect for the most remote outdoor camping conditions- and the USB output makes dual functionality to act as a power bank in case of emergencies. If you are an individual who can’t live without your smartphone or other gadgets, simply plug in and enjoy the breeze when you charge.

Sure, it’s a little big- but that means you’ll be able to cool down a full tent and dry up a soaked gear with ease- which conveniently makes it the best tent fan on the list.

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