The Best Tent for Hot Weather to Guard from The Scorching Heat

If you are in a hurry and want to find out the best tent for hot weather, we recommend the Tentsile Flite Plus Tent.

The hot weather camping has its own enjoyment. But, there are some challenges which need to be overcome by a camper. So, we are sharing this article to make you understand the problems that a camper would face while camping in hot weather and help you out with the solutions for these problems.

Best Tent for Hot Weather 2019 Reviews

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1. Tentsile Flite Plus

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The Tentsile Flite Plus is not an ordinary tent which can be set up on the ground. Instead, this tent is a tree tent which needs to be hung between two-three strong and sturdy trees.

The design of this tent is made to accommodate two people with a total weight of 485 pounds. The floor of the tent provides an area of about 11 x 11 x 9 foot. The tent hung above the ground using the three webbed straps.

The ceiling of the tent is meshed, which facilitates sufficient airflow inside the tent and it comes with a waterproof rain fly which helps in keeping yourself dry during rainy times.

The point that it is an amazing eco-friendly tent adds another star in its profile.

  • It will add fun in your camping adventure.
  • It is eco-friendly.
  • Comfort in sleeping.
  • Allows 360 degrees airflow.
  • Gives you a totally different and unique experience.
  • Not convenient for tall people.
  • Lacks in headroom space.

2. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

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When you are looking for a tent that can accommodate your whole family, then you can choose the Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent which is a large-sized tent with a living space of around 16 by 10 feet. This tent provides camp porch in addition to the sleeping area. The camp porch has got screened walls which enables the air to pass through it easily.

This tent has got some really nice feature which includes the rear vent. Most of the tent manufacturing companies only focus on the ventilation through doors and windows. But, this ground-level facility provided by this tent makes it stand apart from other tents as it increases the airflow, which is suitable for hot weather conditions.

Protection against the rain is also taken care of as the material of the tent is water-resistant, which will avoid water leaks and keep you dry. Proper ventilation along with the added water-resistant feature makes this tent ideal for both rainy as well as summer season.

Assembling this tent becomes easier as the setup instructions are sewn on the storage bag, which is a nice move by the manufacturers.

  • It has got ample headroom space, providing a height of 6.5 feet.
  • 10 years warranty is offered by the manufacturer.
  • A large and spacious tent that can accommodate the whole family.
  • Affordable pricing is another positive point about this tent.
  • The process of setting up along with packing it into the carrying bag, both are easier to perform.
  • The screened-in portion of the tent may seem to be bit large to some campers.

3. Browning Camping Big Horn Two-Room Tent

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When it comes to a spacious tent, then Browning Camping Big Horn Two-Room Tent is one of the best picks. The floor space has a dimension of around 10 by 15 feet which is divided into two rooms. One can use the whole tent as one or can divide the tent into rooms using the divider. If you are on a camping trip alone, then one room can be used to sleep, and another one can be used for storage purposes.

Ventilation is taken care of in this tent as enough airflow is there in the tent because of two doors along with six windows. Another thing to be liked in this tent is that one can enjoy the moments of stargazing at night without any disturbance in your privacy.

As far as the cost is concerned, it is reasonable looking at the features and quality of the tent. We all know that the price is inter-related with the quality of the product. So, the price of this tent is worth it seeing the facilities and comfort it provides to the camper.

  • Sufficient ventilation is offered by the tent.
  • It is spacious, giving enough area to stand and move around.
  • It is easy to set up, and assembling could be done quickly.
  • Both the rooms have got their separate entrances.
  • Leak-proof feature to keep you dry.
  • The zippers do not work smoothly and stick in the middle frequently.
  • Size of the tent is too big to be set up at certain campsites.

4. ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 2 Backpacking Tent

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The ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 2 Backpacking Tent is totally different from the other camping tents of this list. This tent is one of the lightweight tents which can be easily taken on the hiking trips as it weighs a mere 5 pounds 4 ounces.

This tent is has got all the features that can support you in three-seasons. This is a well-built tent with tightly sealed seam, and the walls also meshed in order to facilitate proper airflow.

This tent is the perfect example of an amazing design that flaunts a balance of lightweight and strength using the aluminum poles in a small space.

  • Highly ventilated hiking tent.
  • The tent flaunts two vestibules.
  • Ease in assembling the tent.
  • It has got a large zipper which moves really smooth.
  • Some camper or hikers may have some problem with the openness of the tent.
  • One can face some problem during the rainy weather conditions. 

5. Smittybit Overlander Tent

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Smittybit Overlander Tent is another uniquely designed tent built for the purpose of setting up at elevated places. One can easily set it up on the upper side of the rig when you are interested in doing car camping. The tent has got a ladder attached to it, which makes it convenient for the camper to get in or out of the tent.

The manufacturing company has made no compromise with the quality of the tent and has equipped it with facilities like power as well as light. In addition to this, a mattress is also added to the tent.

The ceiling of the tent is netted to prevent the bugs from getting in and allowing stargazing during the night time. Decent storage space is also given in the camping tent.

  • Waterproofing feature is available.
  • It flaunts LED lighting.
  • High-quality construction.
  • It comes with a 12 volts adapter.
  • A mattress is also added to the tent.
  • It’s a bit expensive.
  • At least two people are needed to assemble it.

What Are The Challenges That A Camper Face During Hot Weather?

Camping is not an easy task as it looks like. But, it is a pleasure to camp and enjoys the adventures trip. Each moment of it can be turned into an enjoyable memory.

Camping gives you an experience of dealing with each and every hurdle on your own. There would be no room service which will help you out to turn down your bed or in doing any other chores. You have to do all the work on your own using your presence of mind and intelligence.

So, here is a list of some of the challenges that you are going to face on your camping trip:

  • The irritating bugs.
  • Surviving with the cold food.
  • There can be annoying noisy campers.
  • There can be undesirable nocturnal visitors.
  • You may have to face the humidity.
  • Stormy weather condition could be another challenging situation.
  • You may have to bear the scorching, hot nights.

With time, as the experience of the camper increases, dealing with all these challenges becomes easier. Even facing these problems sometimes give you the best post-trip stories to tell your friend and family. All the above problem can be dealt with easily, but the last one is one of those problems that can make your trip, an unpleasant memory.

Things To Be Considered While Buying Your Tent

No camper wants a tent which is difficult to set up and makes you frustrated and hot with anger in the hot weather. It is better to buy a tent which is convenient to be assembled. Comfort is another essential point that must be considered while buying a tent. The tent must be the one which gives you enough stretching space vertically as well as horizontally. Other necessary conditions are listed below:

Camping In The Hot Weather Conditions

Camping in summers is a challenging experience as parity must be established between comforts together with the safety. To face the hot weather without using air conditioners, a tent has to be picked, which provides sufficient ventilation options. The tent should have ample meshed windows and doors to make the cross ventilation of air possible.

One can even choose a tent having the option of electric cord access. This will enable you to use a fan to face the sultry hot weather. This can prove to be very helpful as it is not necessary that soothing wind will blow daily, or there can be a splash of pleasant waves on the shore during the night time.

Camping at a site with a normal range of temperature between 60 degrees to 70 degrees Fahrenheit can be a good option. At this temperature, one can have his/ her sweet dream sleep with the shorts and t-shirt on.

If the temperature range is more than this, then you’ll be spending your whole trip finding a way to cool yourself down rather than having fun and enjoying the view of the sky full of sparkling stars.

The Must-Have Feature For Sleeping Conveniently

Comfort level is the basic element which should be there is a summer tent. A tent is not just a structure to stay; it should be the one which will give you a feeling of home away from home.

Bugs can be very irritating during hot weather. To prevent these unwanted creatures from entering your tent, it is good to choose a tent which is equipped with no-see-um netting.

Just a secret between you and me, I still remember the night when a raccoon pulled up the door of my tent and got in. From that day onwards, I always recommend choosing a tent that has a zipper on the door so that no animal can get inside your tent without your permission.

A tent having a top which is covered with netting could be a nice purchase for summer camping. Such a tent will allow proper airflow inside the tent. Adequate ventilation will keep you cool in the hot weather, and you don’t have to wake up in the morning with sweaty clothes and damp sheets.

The tent with the detachable rainfly could help you in two seasons. The rainfly can be attached to keep you dry during rains and can be detached during summers for higher airflow.

Picking Up The Best Tent For Hot Weather

As we have discussed all the basic considerations, it’s time for us to move on to the main motto of this article, i.e. to help you out in picking up the best tent for hot weather conditions.

Here, I have selected the list of tents, small as well as large, having the features to counter the scorching summer heat along with some additional facilities to face some unexpected problems that can arise at any point of time.

Final Verdict

The best hot weather tent is the one which provides you a high level of comfort and highly ventilated. For this purpose, we’ll recommend the Tentsile Flite Plus as the best of all. The unique way to live hanging above the ground gives an extraordinary experience, and it is comfortable too. The 360 degrees airflow inside the tent will help you to get rid of the heat of the season making it an ideal tent for hot weather.

Hence, just keep the above-mentioned points in mind, and you’ll definitely end up choosing the best tent for hot weather.

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