Best Extra-Large Family Tent for Camping with Family

If you are in a hurry and want to find out the Best Extra-Large Family Tent, we recommend the Spacious Family Sized 16-Person Weather Resistant Ozark Trail.

When you go on a camping trip with a large number of people, then you may be carrying multiple numbers of small-sized tents. It is better to bring one extra-large family tent than a lot of small ones. But there are some of the things that must be considered before buying a large-sized tent. Hence, this article will help you out to find your ideal supersized tent.

Best Extra-Large Family Tent Reviews 2019

1. Tahoe Gear Ozark 3-Season 16 Person Large Family Cabin Tent

The Tahoe Gear Ozark 3-Season 16 Person Large Family Cabin Tent is a high-capacity tent which can provide sufficient square footage of the interior area to easily accommodate up to sixteen people. The tent is covered with a lot of mesh along with an open ceiling, multiple windows, and proper vents on the floor for adequate breathability.

This tent comes with a rain fly, which easily covers the whole top area of the tent extending over the door to protect the campers from harsh weather conditions. It has also got two-door facility so that everyone can use any door as per their convenience.

The interior can be divided into three rooms, which consist of one master suite, covering the area having two doors, and two small suites with no entrances but sufficient amount of windows for proper airflow.

The tent doesn’t have much wall storage facility, but it does come with a power port to enable electric cord access.

  • Center height of approximately seven-foot.
  • The occupancy level of sixteen people.
  • Polyester rainfly of 1,200 mm.
  • It seems they are taped.
  • Rainfly also extends over the door.
  • Proper vents on the floor.
  • Meshed ceiling.
  • Facilitates a master suite.
  • Electric cord access.
  • Multiple doors.
  • It does not have pole color coding.
  • Doors are on the same side of the tent.
  • Lacks in the storage facility.
  • A heavyweight of around 50 pounds.

2. Spacious Family Sized 16-Person Weather Resistant Ozark Trail

If you are looking for a tent with plenty of space along with a sufficient storage facility, then Spacious Family Sized 16-Person Weather Resistant Ozark Trail is the one you are looking for. This tent offers space for three suites having a separate entrance for each suite and can accommodate up to 16 people with sleeping bags or around four air mattresses (queen-sized).

In addition to large square footage of the area, the tent is fully loaded with a lot of storage facilities, which includes media pocket, three holders for holding bottles, gear hammock, and large-sized three pockets for storing other stuff.

The tent comes with a detachable rain fly that can be removed to enjoy the weather or view through the meshed ceiling. The seams of the fly, as well as the inside binding is good enough to keep the unwanted insects or bugs out of the tent. There is sufficient airflow inside the tent because of the meshed windows, but the manufacturing company considers doors in the category of windows only. Hence, there is only one window, each in two suites.

All in all, this tent has got almost all the features or facilities that must be present in a 16- person tent. Further, with the help of 2-3 master campers, this supersized tent can be set up in just 20 minutes.

  • The occupancy level of 16 people.
  • Accommodates four queen-sized beds easily.
  • It has got six windows.
  • Flaunts meshed roof.
  • Ample storage options.
  • Three entrances.
  • Three suites.
  • Electronic cord access through E-port.
  • Center height of approximately 83 inches.
  • Quick and easy to set up.
  • A heavyweight of around 50 pounds.

3. Wenzel Mammoth 16 Person Family 3 Season Outdoor Camping Dome Tent

The Wenzel Mammoth 16-Person Family Dome Tent is a nice tent with ample interior space, sufficient enough to easily accommodate 16 people.

This dome-shaped tent is a bit lower in height compared to other tents of this category but has the option to divide the interior into three rooms consisting of one large and two smaller suites. The larger suite covers the main door, and a two-door entrance is to be shared between the smaller suites. There is proper arrangement for airflow through multiple windows and a completely meshed ceiling.

The rain fly is durable enough to prevent unwanted elements from getting inside the tent. If you are in a mood to take the feel of the weather then the rain fly can be detached.  This tent is more suitable in warm weather conditions as the walls along with the fly are made up of 600 mm material.

Storage is also taken care of in this tent as some storage pockets are available on the walls to store small-sized gear.

  • Center height of approximately 76 inches.
  • Accommodates 16 people.
  • Has got a meshed roof.
  • Storage pockets of walls.
  • Two entrances are available.
  • Rainfly canopy over the door.
  • The lightweight of 40 pounds.
  • The entrance is to be shared between two suites.
  • Height is less as compared to a similar category of tents.

4. Teton Sports Sierra Canvas Tent (20-foot Diameter)

Teton Sports Sierra Canvas Tent (20-foot Diameter) is an all four-season tent providing facilities that can fulfill all the camper’s needs. It is not the most affordable tent but is one of the best when it comes to keeping the camper warm in cold weather conditions.

As far as the ventilation is concerned, the tent’s bottom can be rolled up for high airflow, and ground vents add up in increasing the ventilation.

For protection against the rainy weather, it has got leak-proof flooring along with a heavy-duty canvas. This high-quality, sturdy tent has a heavyweight of over 60 pounds.

  • Oversized door provides convenience in entering the tent.
  • Facilitates ventilation and waterproofing through the treated cotton canvas.
  • It provides 314 square footage of the area.
  • Has ground vents.
  • Flooring is leak proof.
  • Meshed doors.
  • Center height of 7 feet.
  • Heavyweight of 60 pounds.

Benefits Of Using An Extra-Large Family Tent

One of the main advantages that a large-sized tent provides is the large floor space, which will enable you and your camping companion to sleep without elbowing one another. Here are some of the other benefits:

All Under One Roof

When you are going on a camping trip with your whole family or numerous groups, then a vast tent will accommodate all the people under one roof. This will double the joy of camping as everyone will be together in one place. Also, using this tent, you don’t have to rush into different tents for one or another thing.

When it is raining at your campsite, and your kids are also with you. Then this spacious tent will help you to confine all the kids in one place to keep them dry so that they do not get ill.

Another good thing is that most of the extra-large family tents come with separate storage space. So, you don’t have to leave your important gear outside the tent as a storage closet can be used to keep them.

No Compromise With Privacy

Not only the large-sized camps allow several people to live in one place, it also takes care of the privacy of each person. Many of the supersized camps have got room divider options too. If you want privacy at night while sleeping or need a space of changing or need a separate space for your pet, then the interior of the tent can be split into multiple rooms using a zipper or tie-back dividers.

Less Exhausting

When you are with your family or a large group, and you carry multiple tents for your trip, thinking it will be easy to set up small tents, then here you are wrong. It may be easy to pitch small tents, but pitching multiple tents at every camping site you go becomes an exhausting task. In such a case, it is better to pitch one large-sized camp than burdening yourself by setting up various tents.

Things To Be Considered While Looking For An Extra Large Family Tent

There are some of the important things that must be kept in mind while buying an extra-large family tent:

Proper Ventilation

Large sized family tents provide the facility of dividing the interior of the tent, but with this feature, there should also be proper ventilation facility so that sufficient airflow must be there in each section of the tent. So, there must be adequate windows in the tent or a breathable panel on any one wall or at the door. Other than this, if the tent comes with a ventilated meshed ceiling, then it will be best for warmer days enabling proper airflow inside the tent.

To keep you dry, there must be a proper cross-ventilation of air. To make this possible, your tent must have the essential windows as well as breathable panels so that air could pass easily and cross-ventilate.

Durability Is Priority

Durability is one of the most important things which one should pay attention to. No one wants their tent to get damaged in between your camping trip. So, one should look for the most durable material. The things that must be considered while checking durability is the selection of polyester or any other type of material, the flooring durability, and the quality relating to the mesh along with zippers.

In general cases, the high usage of door results in the failure of zippers and mesh. So, please look for a tent that has multiple entryways so that not a single door is highly used. This will help in increasing the life of zippers as well as mesh.

Multiple Entrances

The need for multiple entrances varies with the preferences of the people. Some people like to have multiple doors in the tent, as this makes it convenient for everyone to come and go without interrupting any other person.

On the other hand, some people like to have a single door tent because this prevents the kids from getting out without permission, and your pets too will not be able to get away from the other side of the tent.

In general, the larger the tent you choose, the larger the number of entrances will be there. But, the kind and number of doors you would like to have in your tent will depend on your needs and preferences. Hence, this point must be considered while deciding to buy a large tent.

Occupancy Level

Most of the tent-making companies advertise the occupancy level of around 10 to 16 people for a large-sized family tent. But the number of people that a tent can accommodate depends on a few factors. For instance, a tent can accommodate more people if you use sleeping bags instead of inflatable or other types of mattresses.

Another factor is how much stuff you are carrying along with you on the camping trip. The more stuff you have, the lesser will be the floor space for sleeping. Hence, one should check the square footage of the tent along with the occupancy level to get a better idea about the interior space of the tent.

Final Verdict

In our opinion, Spacious Family Sized 16-Person Weather Resistant Ozark Trail is an ideal large sized tent having sufficient storage space and large occupancy level, which can be divided into three nice rooms. Other than this, although it is heavy, it just takes 20 minutes to set up.

Hence, consider all the above points and choose your ideal tent accordingly.

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