The Best 6 Person Tent for Spacious Camping

If you are in a hurry and want to find out the best 6 person tent, we recommend the Coleman Evanston Screened Tent.

Are you thinking to go on a camping trip with a group of your friends? And want to have some moments of enjoyment with all of them under one roof? Then 6 Person tent is the thing which you are looking for as it can easily accommodate a small group of your friends.

But, here the question arises that how can we pick the best out of the number of options out there? Fortunately, in this article, we are going to discuss the details that will help you to choose the best 6 Person tent and some reviews of tents available in the market.

Best 6 Person Tent 2019 Reviews.

As gathering the information part ends, so is the purchasing part begins. Here are some of the best 6 Person Tent Reviews you can choose from:

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1. Slumberjack Trail Tent

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As the name suggests, you will get a pleasant night sleep in the Slumberjack Trail Tent. The features of this tent don’t end up here; one can set it up very easily using the color-coded clips along with the fiberglass poles. As far as the ventilation is concerned, it has breathable mesh walls allowing good ventilation.

It is a good three-season tent with a rainfly which covers the whole tent properly.  It has a nice storage facility having two exterior vestibules for storage. As far as the area is concerned, there is 99.3 square footage of ground area available along with a tent measure of around 8 by 28 inches.

This tent can stand against cold as well as wet climatic conditions, but in case of strong windy weather, you may get a little bit wet.


  • A large area of 99.3 square feet.
  • Suitable for three seasons.
  • Large storage having two vestibules.
  • Can stand against cold and wind.
  • Extra interior storage pockets.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Light as it weighs only 18 pounds.
  • Tall center height.


  • Mesh panels allow cold air inflow in winters.
  • Lack of zip-off window panels.

2. Coleman Evanston Screened Tent

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Coleman is a renowned name in the camping equipment industry, and so its product is also reliable. The Coleman 6 Person tent provides enough space which can hold around two queen size air mattresses comfortably. In addition to this, the tent comes with an extra screen room for storage as well as relaxing.

It has a proper ventilation system through mesh walls, while the heavy-duty polyester taffeta material keeps the temperature of the tent controlled, making it a good tent for three seasons.

Due consideration is given to protect against the weather as it has got rainfly and welded floors with inverted seams to give strong protection. As the maximum walls of the tent are mesh, one may face some difficulty in harsh weather conditions.


  • Spacious tent with 90 square footage of floor space.
  • Tall center height of 5 feet eight inches.
  • Comes with a screen room measuring around 10×5 feet.
  • Sufficient space for 2 queen size air mattresses to fit in.
  • Weather protection through window awning.
  • Can be used in three seasons.
  • The lightweight of around 20 pounds.
  • Water protection through a reinforced floor.


  • Mesh walls structure limits usability.

3. CORE 6Person Instant Cabin Tent

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CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent is a cabin-shaped structure offering a large ground space with a total structure measurement of 11 feet 9 inches and a height of around 72 inches which allows the tall people to stand and roam around easily without hitting their head to the ceiling.

This tent has got the integrated pole system which makes it easier for a traveler to assemble it. A person has to unfold its legs and extend them to set it up.

This CORE’s Tent is a masterpiece when it comes to storage space. It has a large storage space including gear loft and a wall organizer having several small pockets. You can easily organize all your gear and other stuff in this tent.


  • Lantern hook and wall organizer is accompanied with the gear loft.
  • Comes with an electronic cord access port.
  • A ground vent that can be adjusted.
  • Can accommodate two queen size mattresses.
  • Easy entry through a “D” style door.
  • Lighter as it weighs around 20 pounds.
  • Can be used in three seasons.


  • Difficulty in cold weather due to mesh ceiling and walls.
  • Large package size.

4. Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow-6-Person Canvas Tent

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The Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow-6-Person Canvas Tent is a tent which is meant to last long as it is a heavy-duty constructed tent with a solid traditional design. It is built with the cotton duck canvas material which is known to be light in weight, breathable as well as protects water.

This tent offers one of the largest square footage of around 100 feet and a high ceiling height which measures around 6 feet and 6 inches from the center. Its large size and height allow a tall person to roam around freely inside the tent.

This is a heavyweight package to carry as it weighs about 68 pounds which includes the stakes. The sturdy galvanized steel tubing is the reason behind the heavyweight of this tent which makes it not so good option for a lightweight camper.


  • Comfortable to move around due to 6’6’’ center height.
  • Easy entrance with 2 “D” style doors.
  • Comes with four no-see-um mesh windows.
  • Built with 100% cotton duck canvas.
  • Lifetime warranty available.
  • Good for four seasons which includes moderate snowfall.


  • Heavyweight of 68 pounds.
  • Large package size which makes it difficult to carry.
  • Less affordable compared to other tents.
  • One has to “season” the canvas before use.

5. Timber Ridge 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent

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This is a three-season instant cabin tent with an excellent ventilation mesh that allows a high amount of airflow. This tent features Qucik Open system which is great for camping. Although due to high ventilation, one may get wet in heavy storms. The mesh top provides the required ventilation and high amount of airflow.

It is a giant when it comes to space as it offers an interior space of around 120 square feet which can easily fit in 2 queen size mattresses along with the gear. It also offers a high height to make the tall campers feel comfortable. This 25.4 pounds tent is a nice pick at an affordable price.


  • Spacious as it can accommodate 2 queen size mattresses.
  • 120 square footage of interior space available.
  • Interior height of around 6 feet.
  • Proper air inflow through ventilation mesh.
  • Comes with electronic cord port.


  • Vents at the bottom along with an open dome allow only dry camping.

Why opt for a 6 Person Tent?

6 Person Tents are not only about fitting six bodies in a tent, but it is more than that. These tents are a good choice for those people also who want to carry a lot of gear with them on the trip and who wants a spacious tent to move freely and stretch out conveniently. Here are some of the reasons to go for a 6 Person tent:

More Stretching Space

A 6 Person Tent is a spacious tent that can easily accommodate your family and has got sufficient area that can fit two queen size mattresses. So, in this tent, not even a single person has to squeeze to fit inside it. Other than this, if you are camping alone also, this large-sized tent allows you to keep all your luggage and equipment inside it and store your food supplies easily.

More Height

If we compare the 6 Person tents with smaller ones like two-person tents, then you’ll find that the large tent has more peak height than the smaller ones. One will get more space to stand in the center of the tent in case of a 6 Person tent.

Large Tent comes with Large Features

A 6 Person tent comes with some additional features to help the travelers in their adventure. These tents have some extra storage pockets, a hook to hang the lantern, and even a screen room is also there in some of the models of the tent.

Considerations to Keep In Mind While Picking A 6 Person Tent

You must be having some of the needs that should be fulfilled by your 6 Person tent. But what are the other things that must also be looked in a 6 Person tent?

Area Available

Although the names suggest that a 6 Person tent can fit six persons, but in reality, it is not like that. One should always take into consideration the layout of the tent together with the arrangement for sleeping. The shape of the tent, floor space, and overall square foot area available differs from tent to tent. Additionally, the height space available can also affect the total usage of space of the tent. So, one should always check the recommendation of the manufacturer. 

Seasonal Effect

Not all tents are suitable for all types of seasons. One must always take into account the weather conditions you are going to camp in and accordingly pick a tent which satisfies your need and protect you against harsh weather conditions.

Cost Consideration

A rational consumer always wants to get the most by spending the least. But, one should never compromise with the quality when you want a durable tent that can last for more than one season. It’s good to invest a little bit more to get the durability along with quality which you desire. Also, a higher cost tent usually provides you with some extra protection element together with some cool features.

How to Pick an Ideal 6 Person Tent?

Now that we have learned about the considerations to look for, it’s time for us to pick an ideal tent.

Packing Size of Tent

One must always choose a tent that consumes less space in packing. If you have to hike to reach your camping site, then it will be a burdensome task to carry a large packing size tent. So, a traveler should choose a tent which is compact and comfortable to carry around.

Climatic Conditions of your Destination

While choosing a tent, one must take into account the climatic conditions prevailing at the site where you are going to camp. Weather can change at any point in time, so it is better to be prepared in advance and choose a tent that can stand against any weather condition and light to allow sufficient airflow.

Space Needed

The persons or pets that a 6 Person tent can accommodate depend on how tall your family members are. The space needs vary with the height of people or comfort level you want. So one should choose a tent according to his/her space or square footage needs.

Easy to Set up

Gone are the days when you have to spend a lot of time in assembling a simple tent. Nowadays, most of the tents available out there are easy to set up. But, there is also some advanced technology available which makes this assembling process much easier. So, one should always check beforehand how burdensome the assembling task is going to be.

The Bottom Line

All tents are good at their place, but there is one tent which excels in almost all fields and can be called an all-rounder. Coleman’s Evanston Screened Tent is the one which has almost all the good features that a 6 Person tent must possess including 90 square footage of space, screened room, three-season usability, proper air inflow through ventilation, and affordable pricing. It is an ideal tent to be picked as compared to other tents.

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