The Best Instant Tent for Quick & Easy Camp Setup

If you are in a hurry and want to find out the best instant tent, we recommend the Timber Ridge 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent.

If you have got a tent that is fully loaded with amazing features and has a lot of space in it, but you don’t know how to set it up then there is no use of having such a tent. Here comes the role of the instant tents that could be assembled in a few minutes without much of a hassle. So, this article will help you out in finding out the best instant tent to make your trip pleasant and memorable.

Best Instant Tents 2019 Reviews

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1. Timber Ridge 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent

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The Timber Ridge 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent is the one which takes a little bit more time to set up compared to other tents of this category. But, the tent is good when it comes to spacing and even offers a high height of over six feet.

The frame of the tent is really strong as it is made of steel poles. Assembling these steel poles is also very easy; thanks to the SPEEDUP quick open system.

It is a tent that can fit-in six people. Even if you are a solitary camper, this tent can provide you enough storage space allowing you to take lots of gear with you on the camping trip.

The tent is highly ventilated due to the presence of plenty of windows. As far as the waterproofing is concerned, the tent offers a bathtub floor which prevents the water from getting inside the tent. The tent is even good in withstanding heavy winds.

One can face some difficulty in packing the tent and putting it into the carry bag. But this drawback is minor when compared to the list of benefits; the tent is offering to the camper.


  • Ease in entering the tent using the O-shaped door.
  • Contains three windows.
  • Raincover is included in the tent kit.
  • Provides a center height of around 78”.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Port for electronic cord access.
  • Equipped with a bathtub floor.


  • Large size even after packing i.e. 53 x 12 x 10 inches.

2. CORE Equipment 4 Person Instant Dome Tent

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The CORE Equipment 4 Person Instant Dome Tent is one of the fastest assembling tent offered by the company. It only takes 30 seconds to be assembled, as claimed by the company. This tent has got an integrated frame which means the camper just has to unpack the tent, unfold it, and tick the poles at the right place.

One problem that a camper can face is relating to the heavyweight of the tent. Setting the tent is just the work of a few seconds but making the tent stand upright is a bit of a muscle task. One may need an extra hand to make the strong frame of the tent stand straight. Once the tent is set up right, then it can face any type of high wind conditions.

Extending the poles is also not a troublesome task as it is a dome-shaped tent. The only drawback it has is the lack of headroom space which is just 54 inches.

The waterproofing facility of this tent is really good as the material uses H20 Block Technology. The ventilation arrangement is also adequate through various meshes present in the tent. There is an electronic access port too which can be used conveniently when the tent door is closed.


  • Ground vents can be adjusted.
  • Additional features include loft and pockets for storing gear and hook for hanging lantern.
  • Port for electronic cord access.
  • High-quality rainfly along with tent stakes.
  • Can accommodate 4 people or one queen-sized mattress.
  • D-shaped door.


  • Some efforts have to be put in to extend the poles.
  • Less headroom space.

3. Coleman Instant Cabin Tent

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The design of the Coleman Instant Cabin Tent may look to be traditional, but this tent is fully loaded with a lot of modern time features. The traditional aluminum poles are not used in this tent and all the poles used in the frame meet at the center of the tent. Extending the poles into place is very easy in this Coleman tent.

The only problem is setting up is going to be faced by campers who have a height lower than the average height. As for these people, reaching the center pole mechanism is going to be a challenge as the height of the tent is about 6 feet. The interior of the tent can easily accommodate two queen-sized mattresses.

When you are going to camp in the rainy season, then the rainfly of the tent will fairly do his work of keeping you dry. If you are camping at a place with heavy rain, then you may have to invest in a rainfly which provides full coverage to the tent.

One can enjoy nature’s view through the meshed windows of the tent. Another positive thing about having high mounted windows is that there is less chance of water getting at the base of the tent.


  • Ceiling height of approximately six foot.
  • Combined rainfly.
  • Coleman’s patented WeatherTec Technology.
  • Protection against sunlight through Dark Room Technology.
  • Can accommodate up to two queen-sized mattresses.
  • Weighs around 25 pounds.


  • High height may pose difficulty at the time of setting up or disassembling the tent.
  • The rainfly does not cover the whole tent.
  • Not all the sizes of this tent contain surrounded windows.

4. Gazelle 22272 T4 Pop Up Portable Camping Hub Tent

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The Gazelle 22272 T4 Pop Up Portable Camping Hub Tent takes a setup time of about 90 seconds and features a lot of amazing features.

The sizing of the tent consists of the floor space of around 61 square feet and a center height of approximately 78 inches. This compact-sized tent has got a removable floor panel which makes cleaning it up easier.

The tent features fiberglass poles along with metal hubs which makes the setup process easier and provides sturdiness to the frame.

Two doors, together with six windows, are what the tent offers. The zippers used in these windows and doors are also high-quality. Cross ventilation is offered by the rightly placed windows in this cubical shaped tent.


  • Center height of 78”.
  • Rainfly and floor panel are detachable.
  • Dual doors along with six windows.


  • Small in size.
  • Heavyweight of 30 pounds.

5. Toogh 2-3 Person Camping Tent

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The Toogh 2-3 Person Camping Tent is hexagonal shaped tent which has a center height of 78” and can fit in 2 adults together with 2 children.

This fastpitch popup tent just takes a few seconds to assemble and is equipped with a unique hydraulic function.

The tent lacks windows, but the two doors do the work of ventilation really well taking up almost half of the wall space.


  • Dual Doors.
  • Rainfly is detachable.
  • A lightweight tent that weighs a mere 10 pounds.


  • Smaller inside space.
  • Windows are not present.

Benefits Of Using An Instant Tent

Traditionally, the tents used to be very much complicated to be assembled and a whole lot of poles were needed to set them up. These tents used to take a lot of time to set up, which resulted in ruining the joy of the trip. But now, we have got an instant tent which could be assembled by a single person without putting in much effort. So, here are some of the benefits which a camper gets by using these tents:

Easy To Set up

Ease in setting up of the tent is obviously the primary benefit of instant tents. These tents make the assembling process convenient and quick. You don’t have to put in a lot of efforts moving here and there straightening, stretching, and threading the tent structure with poles. Now, you just have to follow few simple steps and your tent is ready to be used. There is no logic in spending hours setting up a tent whose main purpose is to get us a good night sleep.

Light In Weight

Other than being easy to set up, the instant tent is very lightweight too. The pop-up tents tend to be light in weight because it makes the assembling process simplified and easier. Hence, majority of the instant tents are much lightweight compared to the full-framed tents.

Quickly Packed

Not only the setting up process of instant tent become quick, but also the packing process becomes faster. As the poles of the tent are mingled with the material of the tent, hence the camper does not have to disassemble any parts of the tent. Lesser the number of parts to be disassembled means lesser time to pack the tent up.


If you are going on a camping trip alone and do not have someone to lend you a helping hand in setting up your tent or you are suffering from some health issues which does not allow you to take much exertion of assembling a tent, then the instant tent is the thing for you.

These tents make it convenient for a single person to set the tent up without much exertion or trouble.

The construction using a pop-up system along with the lightweight material and easy portability of the instant tents makes it possible for anyone to assemble a tent without breaking any sweat.

Points to Be Considered While Buying An Instant Tent

We have already seen the benefits of using an instant tent. But, what are the things that must be considered while buying these tents? So, here are some basic points that must be checked while picking up a tent.

Deciding The Weight and Material Used

While making a buying decision, the weights of different tents are to be compared. It is most preferable to choose a light weighted tent because it is easier to carry and packed. But heavyweight tents are mostly much stronger than the lightweight tents. So, if you are buying a heavyweight tent which is easy to set up, then it is not a bad option to be picked.

As far as the material of the tent is concerned, most of the tents come with poles combined or mingled with the material of the tent. But there can be a difference in the material of the poles; some tents come with fiberglass poles and some with aluminum poles. Different poles affect the performance in a different way; this means the material choice is an important consideration to be checked.

Size And Occupancy Level

With the decision of choosing the type of tent, other decisions such as the size of the tent must also be considered. If you are camping alone, then there is no need to invest in a tent made for six people.

One has to think about various points such as how much gear or equipment you are taking with you on camping and how many people are going camping. By taking into consideration these points, the occupancy level and the size of the tent are to be decided. There is no sense in buying a big tent, no matter how easy it is to set up if you don’t need much space.

Extra Features

The instant tents use one-piece pop-up construction which means the walls, as well as poles, are connected to each other, and the whole tent is in one piece. Such a tent makes cleaning task difficult and hence a tent with removable inner lines along with detachable floors must be picked so that cleaning up of each part of the tent, after use, becomes easy.

Some other features can also be considered important such as the hook for hanging a lantern, small pockets for storage purpose, and the port for electronic cord access.

The Final Words

With such amazing tents in the list, choosing just one tent is a difficult task. But, Timber Ridge 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent makes the cut owing to its unique design, ease in setting up, and amazing features including the bathtub floor and high height of 78 inches.

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