The Best Folding Camping Table for an Outdoor Reunion

If you are in a hurry and want to find out the best folding camping table, we recommend the ALPS Mountaineering Eclipse Table.

Folding Camping Tables. Who cares? This is a general outlook of people when they are heading out. However, in my opinion, these are very practical to use and come in handy. It would be shocking for you to know the number of times where you could use a camping table when you are in the company of nature.

Until the time when I purchased one for my personal use, I was oblivious to its usefulness. Now there is no going back. Hence, I will be recounting some of my own experiences for you to decide yourself.

This article will briefly assess the following products:

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Behold! The fun part comes knocking. This is a brief yet valuable collection of my personal favorite folding camping tables. I hope that you find the best fit in the table which you could use and enjoy your next adventure. Have a look!

REDCAMP Small Folding Camping Table

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A 3-foot table is also available. Perfect for two to four campers. Also, this product allows you to adjust the height. A wide range is allowed- from as low as 15 inches to as high as 27.6 inches. Hence, both elders and children can have fun.

The table is aluminum, and hence it is light, weighing just 9.3 pounds. Another useful feature is its robustness and heavy use possibility as the fabric is water and stain free.

You can also fold the table from the middle and shrink it into a small size that makes it easier to carry. Sturdy handle whose grip is quite comfortable is a bonus. All these together increases the different uses besides camping like parties, concerts, beaches, home amongst others.


  • Strong fabric made of aluminum
  • Portable as weight is light
  • Agreeable and pleasant hand-lever
  • Foldable into a small briefcase
  • High-quality build-up
  • Sizeable table so good to use in big tents
  • Height can be well-adjusted as per individual needs


  • Smaller in size for activities like big board games and others

ALPS Mountaineering Eclipse Table

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A little extraordinary yet surely a good one. Unlike a camping table but a “chair,” it is unusually designed that all the four corners fold inwards. Due to this, the table becomes considerably smaller, making it easier to carry.

Tedious set-ups are dreadful. While here you have to push the four sides out and tie them up. Simple and Quick. Don’t you think?

There is more to advantages. Hang on! The above part is a flat surface like any other table which can be used for eating food, playing games, etc. The section at the bottom is an added feature. There is an additional storage area for keeping cups. Therefore, use two functions with a single table.


  • The sturdy and long-lasting fabric of 600D polyester
  • Setup is stable due to the adjustable clasp and strap
  • Space for extra storage and cup holdings
  • Fast and simple set-up
  • Not heavy
  • Carry bag is comfortable and shoulder based
  • Cleaning is simple


  • Unlike a standard table, the top layer is not firm and solid

Trekology Portable Camping Side Tables with Aluminum Table

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Despite the little size with just 12.4-inch height, it holds a place in my list as I appreciate its utility when there are only one or two people for camping involved. This makes it extremely easy to carry and practical to use. Shocking and a unique feature is that it measures 2 pounds but still can hold the weight of 20 pounds.

A carriage bag is a free and extra accessory that supports the folding mechanism of the table correctly. Moreover, it further increases its convenience as it is much more comfortable to carry, pack, and store.


  • Reasonable cost
  • Construction is easy
  • Not at all bulky/heavy
  • Extra and convenient addition is carrying bag
  • Very strong built considering its lightweight body


  • Cannot hold more than one person due to its small size
  • Leg space is restricted due to cross metal bars
  • No guide book for instructions

GCI Large Outdoor Compact Folding Camping Table

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Huge. An apt word to describe this table. However, I find it commendable because despite this, it is very portable, convenient and reducible just like a smaller camping table. A full family treats as it can easily and comfortably house four people; thanks to its large size-24.8 inches of length, 25 inches of weight and 28.22 inches of height. Its weight measure is 6.2 pounds. The table is completely open from the top and hence is very practical to use.

Then, what you would love about the table is the easy construction process. Moreover, it can hold up to 60 pounds of weight. So cooking and eating food, playing all kinds of games and other activities will always be welcomed.

Furthermore, this might be the right choice because it is not bulky and weighs very less. The aluminum as the primary material makes it all the more robust and long living. Furthermore, the setup is very quick and straightforward as there are no extra parts. It will arrive at your home in one piece


  • Strong built-up
  • Very light in weight
  • Housing for four people comfily as it is huge
  • Packing and storage is convenient as it is compact
  • Good quality fabric and metal
  • Quick and simple to assemble


  • Fixed height so cannot be adjusted as per individual use
  • The tabletop lock doesn’t correctly attach
  • The table can tilt over as base is thin and slender

G4Free Lightweight Portable Camping Table Aluminum Folding Table

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Comfy set up for four people to sit as it of significant size, having 27.5 inches for length and weight and 27 inches for height. However, you can rest assured as the weight doesn’t increase. It is only 9.4 pounds

An additional carry bag which houses the table ideally increases the portability. Furthermore, the dismantling part will also not consume a lot of time and energy. Also to neatly set the table up, it has been divided into the lower (table legs) and the upper part (the flat surface). I find it very convenient to carry as there is a shoulder strap attached to the same.

The flat surface is of aluminum and hence accounts for the table’s robustness and long lastingness while also being light. There is enough room to stretch your legs, and the table is very steady. This is because the table legs are crossed and high/long.

There is an easy-to-read guidebook attached. Hence in a flick of a second, you will be able to set the table up — Time-Saving and a useful idea, giving you enough time to invest your time in other activities.


  • Space to add new chairs
  • Huge table surface
  • Carry bags with strap attached; increases convenience
  • Easy to set up and dismantle
  • Strong build and long lasting
  • Less Weight
  • Slender and compact for storage
  • Multi-purpose solving


  • The cleaning up process is untidy and hard

Benefits of Having a Folding Camping Table

There would make a lot of doubts in your mind concerning the use of this table. Even I was under the same fix. However, honestly, I was proved wrong when I encountered its many applications which I will tell you right away.

Togetherness Overloaded!

Usually, a campfire is the first place that pops into the mind when you think of organizing a get-together while on camping. Even I agree with the idea. However, in reality, it is not possible to lie around fire throughout the day.

Sometimes, it gets too warm when you spend your camping time around the fire during day time. It’s like sitting inside in an oven. Although, some of you may adore having a breakfast or lunch party near the fire. However, I feel a little annoyed and uneasy when the temperature is quite high.

Here is the time for the camping table to come into play.

It is easy to formulate a gathering if you have a camping table. Well, I cannot force you not to prepare breakfast/lunch near the fire. However, I enjoy the time with my friends and family at the camping table for an interactive chatting session after we’ve finished cooking the eggs and the bacon.

A place to do different activities

To discover a neat and stable place in the forest is a difficult task. Sometimes, you land upon camping sites with even picnic tables to go by, but other times, they are just bumpy.

The flat surface is comfortable and useful for other things as well other than using it to relish food as I aforementioned. It is also comfortable and fun to play cards and other games.

While you are on camping with your children, the table will always make it more fun for them to play with their toys. The folding table will resolve the problem of toys falling on the ground and getting dirty. Furthermore, if you have laid out some creative crafting work for your kids, then this folding table is your pick.

Moreover, you would agree to the fact that navigation is an integral part of camping. The camping table will make the work faster and less irritating. I like the idea of the map being placed nicely on the table and the routes being clearly labeled. Similarly, writing and drawing work could be quickly done.


Like the name “Folding Tables,” these tables do fold. As a result, it makes it more practical to use as compared to the daily-use tables. This advantage is a bonus as the weight of the tables is less, making it simpler and convenient. Thus they are not extra burden on your shoulders.

Also, an added benefit which can help you is that there is no ample space needed as they are foldable and hence shrinkable. Furthermore, the lever attached enables you to carry it like a suitcase.

Essential must-haves

I wouldn’t be shocked if you wouldn’t be stressed over the material of the tables as you’d be carrying them outside. Not just this, it will be used for camping, and hence there is the additional problem of overuse and filthiness. Therefore, if you and I are on the same boat and adore camping, then for both of us, the camping table should be of the best quality. It should be worth our money.

Hence, these are the features that you should look for in a camping table

  • Weight– Keep in mind that the things that you load in your backpack will have to be carried. The same case is with folding table. Hence, the lightweight table might be the right choice for you to ease your problems. Carrying stuff will be a whole lot easier.
  • Materials– I appreciate the use of aluminum for a quality camping table. It makes the table robust, long-lasting, and the bonus is that the table will still be lightweight.
  • Ease of use– If you are a person who chooses camping over the tropical beach for a vacation, your adventurous spirit is reflected! However, trust me, it doesn’t always add up to the amount of prep work for everything as the conjecture. The camping table is fast and simple to lay. It also allows you to invest your time in other essential parts like a tent set up and not getting misplaced in the middle of a jungle.
  • Size– The size of the table depends on the number of people involved. It will take more room to the house for a six or four-member family than a couple. I would recommend giving size and space great thought and importance.

My most favorite!

The second option for me wins the race. The ALPS Mountaineering Eclipse Table is a perfect option for any camper like me. Although, I would highly discourage those who are gearing up for going on a hiking tour. Carrying a large bag is not feasible, which unfortunately needs to be done here.

However, for all the other campers out there, I recommend this to be the most convenient and superb option.

After the assembling, the ample amount of space is enough to host a get-together camping party for one to four people. The table’s long legs and proper height is the reason that more chair, more people and more fun can be added. That too, without compromising the steadiness. Furthermore, durability and sturdiness are excellent as the tabletop is of aluminum. Despite this, it’s not heavy. No carry problems!

Furthermore, the strappy shoulder carrying bag is responsible for the entire organization. Nothing goes messy! Moreover, it is also the reason for its super portability. Even though the table has many parts in its design, the set-up is quick and easy.

Lastly, it is economical and value for the investment, which I can guarantee.

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