The Best RV Awning Light for Camping (Light Up the RV)

If you are in a hurry and want to find out the best RV Awning Light, we recommend the Polymer Black and Etched Bronze String Lights.

Who doesn’t like a camper van? Well, I sure do! And as a matter of fact, I finally honoured myself with a motor home. I haven’t been more excited about it ever since!

Soon enough I did realise that my camper is going to need some add-ons as I travel often and the first one is choosing the best RV awning light. I’m going to share everything I comprehended before making my purchase.

Best RV Awning Light 2019 Reviews

Below are the products reviewed in this article:

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1. RecPro RV Camper and Trailer White LED Awning Light

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One of the known RV producers in Bristol, RecPro is a reliable company. The design of this awning light is perfectly suited for any camper that wants a simple, durable and bright light.

It is rather a strip-shaped light and is pretty easy to put, only if you know the basics of proper wiring. It comes in three sizes and you might even want to keep the option to put up a dimmer available, although it doesn’t use as much power as much as it reflects.

The lights can only be used outside your camper which also makes is fully waterproof. The little LED’s are covered with moulded plastic that is going to get through all weather elements for pretty long.

It also has a video on Youtube in case you would want to refer to it. It surely made the installation even better but yes it can be even easier depending on the kind of place you choose to stick it out at.

One thing is for sure, that you won’t be embarrassed after mounting them up with the UV treated polycarbonate mounting channel, as they go in with all kinds of uses while you’re at the campsite. It uses enough lumens for you to have your little get together in front of it.


  1. Bright enough to be the prototype of your porch light
  2. Easy to paste with the good quality of the adhesive at the back
  3. Extremely durable if put up the right way
  4. Can be controlled from anywhere once you buy a remote toggled switch for it
  5. Value for money
  6. Double silicon protection
  7. Doesn’t attract insects


  1. Can only be used outside of the camper
  2. If the area you’re putting it up requires polycarbonate mounting, it might get a little tricky over there

2. Camco Cute Hanging Outdoor RV Lights

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The name has already let out the major advantage of this light; it’s got an unusual design from most RV lights one would generally buy.

If you’re into cutesy or tumblr stuff or else, if you have kids around, you might want to know about this one as well.

The best part about it is that it offers a variety of designs; my personal favourite is the patriotic star. It gives a really cool vibe to my camper!

Another major advantage is that it is way too easy to be hung, grab two hooks and you’re done. That’s right, no annoying wire connections or drilling holes as it is powered by batteries, so it’s more than hassle-free.

Also, if you’re not very keen on jazzing up the outer body of your motor home, you ought to know that this light can be put up inside as well, the choice is yours!

Runs on 120 volts and has the warranty for a year. Note that the colour they reflect is totally white, shining through the thick plastic shapes and it’s more like another version of the fairy lights.

In case your camper is of a dark colour, they won’t make much of a difference.


  1. Overloaded protection of the LED’s make it a lot more durable
  2. It includes a spare fuse and 2 extra bulbs as well
  3. Comes in a variety of pretty designs to choose from
  4. Multipurpose, can be used both inside and outside


  1. Not apt in case you’re looking for an RV light that brightens ups the camper

3. Coleman 10 Lantern LED String Lights

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Before moving on to acknowledging the current set of lights, let me tell you a thing or two about the Colemans.

The company is a renowned American association past 100 years that has been excelling pretty well in the production of camping gear.

It has made the outdoor living of people stay dwelled into style and comfort.

First things first, the look of these lights make them extra special. Their vintage structure makes them my personal favourite set of lights on this whole list.

The Victorian touch to them is going to attract way too many compliments your way.

Usually, we get one major advantage, simultaneously making adjustments to the other things, although in this item, the batteries are an AA battery.

In other words, these batteries come in a standard size single cell dry battery. Also, you might want to get two of them as one set of string lights only covers 6 feet.

After setting all-time festive mood to your surrounding area, the lights will also last amazingly long before they die out of power.

With all of their cute little size, vintage design, they also shine a lot bright, so you’re going to be satisfied at that point as well.


  1. Highly Waterproof
  2. Beautiful design
  3. Long Battery Life
  4. Good durability
  5. Shines bright
  6. Manufactured by one of the best brands


  1. Slightly overpriced for their type
  2. Contains led

4. Polymer Black and Etched Bronze String Lights

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Ever been a fan of the big, brightly shining street lamps or garden light globes? Don’t they make your experience and aura simply slightly more surreal with their look?

They sure do for me and I have loved having some of these and putting them on, especially when its walk-time at night.

Their size is satisfactory, the perfect 6 inches lit up globe that’ll surround you with a pleasing aura. The set of these lights include some stainless steel hooks for the installation process and that obviously makes you save a bit more, keeping in mind that the stainless steel quality is going to look new since it prevents rusting after pretty long usage too.

It runs on 60 watts and has a 20 feet long power cord to ease you out from all the inconvenience of setting up the wiring connections yourself.

You can customize the bulb and the amount of light it produces, although 60 watts work well for them. You may put a dimmer in case you do not like extreme brightness, or want to avoid few insects that would hook up to the light.

The colour of the globe string lights alone reflects warm white light.


  1. Extremely elegant design
  2. All weather resistant
  3. All year long warranty
  4. Long power cord
  5. Globes are of the perfect size
  6. Stainless steel hooks for installation included


  1. Feels slightly pricey when you know you won’t get bulbs along with it

5. Dream Lighting RV LED Porch Multipurpose Lights

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This one is a classic with a touch of modern sleek body. From its shape to its technical features, it’s the hotshot that can’t be beaten by anything newer or fancier.

As you can see, it has the term ‘multipurpose’ attached to its title and that is for a reason. Get on with using it anywhere at all, may it be inside or out, from your RV till your yacht, the choice is purely yours.

Life span as long as, 50,000 hours unlike any other porch light, and with every attribute discussed, it’ll top the list on its own.

With 750 bright lumens, all under one surface, it lights up your surrounding areas amazingly well too.

Usually, we have the assumption or reality of bugs and other insects getting attracted to such bright lights but that’s not the case in this item.

The lights that radiate well enough and stay up for long also tend to get hot. Touching them is almost like burning your skin for instance but this RV LED porch light is made with a technology that sinks in all the heat.

Another unusual highlight is its 40-degree downward lighting design which is one of the reasons for this light to stay spread out to distant areas of its mounting.


  1. Smart though design
  2. Widespread light coverage
  3. Heat sink feature
  4. 40 Degree downward lighting
  5. Multipurpose usage


  1. Not dimmable

6. LED RV Exterior Porch Utility Light

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Now this one is the most simple, durable, totally affordable and extremely bright light.Yes, you heard me right; it has all of the above-mentioned characteristics.

The design is a usual rectangular shaped structure, it moves down your maintenance time and sometimes charges go completely zilch.

Another amazing attraction is that it is made from recycled plastic which makes it environment-friendly and it doesn’t absorb even the minimal amount of power that porch lights usually do in order to give out the bright light coverage they are built to provide.

When your camper undergoes voltage fluctuation, your normal LED lights gradually lose their life but this RV exterior porch light here is manufactured in a way that is able to handle all sorts of wide voltage wavelength without dimming even for a second.

The 24 tiny pieces of waterproof LED to make huge lit up impact. Some of my visitors once confused it with a halogen light!

I don’t think I need to say more about its brightness. The colour is cool white, although there is another lens that is yellow and gives you the different warm touch that you’d like.

The kind of design it has, you, of course, cannot keep it up for a small get together or a party night


  1. 60,000 long hour life, lasts a lot more than a regular bulb
  2. No maintenance
  3. Environmental friendly technology and material
  4. Comes with additional yellow lens
  5. Extremely durable


  1. The plastic lens might turn to lose gradually
  2. No switch so it stays on always

Important Extensions

Now that we have come to the end of our product reviews, let get on to some must know factors every person considering an RV Awning Light ought to know:

What exactly does the name ‘RV Awning Light’ means?

RV here stands for our beloved recreational vehicles and awning, is the shade or say, the slight roof cover like structure in our motorhomes where people are most likely to mount their lights.

Just like we take care of our homes, and like decorating them, these awning lights are a huge trend especially in the world of camping.

Ask yourself, about what is important to you?

I’ve known some people who are a major brand freak; irrespective of the type of thing they are buying yet others just go in for the most artistic piece available.

By the above example, I’d suggest you have a brainstorming session with yourself and go in for the best possible purchase that satisfies you because an impulsive buy isn’t going to make anybody happy.

Keeping in mind, where do you exactly need the lights to be? Do you require it to be jazzy or normal and plain? What’s your budget aiming most comfortable with? Your choice of colour? Do you require a dimmer or controller for the same?

How to make the best choice?

In case you’re an active camper with lots of your friends or visitors coming over, you might want to go in for something like those Victorian lanterns or Etched Bronze globes, in other words, you’d require lights that better the ambience of your camper’s surrounding areas.

In case you’re extremely active with moving on roads in the mountains, going in for a low maintenance bright light would be my choice.

If you want to save money in the long run, go in for a one time shot, solar powered lights!

In case your sole purpose is to simply light up, get your hands on one of the porch lights that stay extremely bright and don’t involve much of attention as well.

In case you’re mainly decorating your camper and setting up its vibe, you might want to go in for those Camo cute string lights.

In short, finalise the ones that fulfil the whole criteria of your need for RV lights.


The kind of design you opt for should be done with the thought of where exactly you want it to be. Make sure to have a rough layout of the measurements of the area you decide to put up those lights in because you surely don’t want them to be bigger or smaller and compromise with the ideal look of your camper.


Be sure of the colour you want your RV lights to give out as it directly impacts the ambience. Warm white or yellow lights give you a very calm and relaxed feeler while the cool white lights usually make the environment around a bit too sharp if you talk about the lighting. I personally have always loved the colour yellow or warm sun coloured lights. They simply look beautiful.


Going in for low maintenance is always better as it saves you a lot of time and attention you tend to put in once the whole up-keeping cycle starts. Also, battery power back up is what I prefer the most after using and getting to know about these lights. It literally keeps you out of so much work! From avoiding drilling holes to set up the correct wiring, you do none of that and just set up 2-3 hooks depending on the length of your RV light and hang them up!

Why RV lights?

  1. For some of us, our campers are like the moving home many people and who doesn’t want to put valuable add-ons or pieces of decoration to where they reside? Lights are the best way to improve your surrounding environment and are also a great feel-good factor.
  2. They can be one of your trails when you leave your camper and come back as your eyes search for it. Since their brightness is always an advantage, you might never get lost if you choose the best suitable lights keeping in mind where you visit in your camper usually.
  3. Backing up on electricity is another advantage you get in case you go in for LED’s as their consumption of the electricity is on the lower side.
  4. They’re easier to put up than the usual lights that can involve a lot of time and attention. With RV lights as your choice, your work becomes a lot easier.


I hope by now you’ve set up your mind when it comes to what kind of RV lights you need to buy, as that was one of my goals. Since I do understand how tough it might get in case you want to be an efficient buyer and make the best possible choice. No stone must be left untouched!

There are many things to take care of as being foresighted is what it takes. Evaluating it all, I’d make a suggestion to go in for the Polymer Etched Bronze string lights. There are many reasons that made me come to this conclusion.

The fact that they provide an amazing look, with the right choice of bulbs they are simply perfect, all weather resistant, 24/7 feel-good aura, a pretty long power cord and you don’t need another substitute for times when you have people coming over!

Why do you have to keep the pretty things for parties, in other words, for people? Why not enjoy every bit on our own? These lights may be pricey but it’s a onetime thing for innumerable days of advantages.

At last, I’m glad you made the effort to go on reading till the end; I hope the best available RV lights come your way! Ciao until next time.

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