The Best Backpacking Chair for a Comfortable Adventure

If you are in a hurry and want to find out the best backpacking chair, we recommend the Helinox Chair Zero.

We understand; you need a chair that is lightweight, compact to travel with, and also comfortable to sit in.

Most of the backpacking chairs that you find in the market fulfill only one or two of the above requirements. But here in this article, our aim is to present with the best backpacking chair which fulfills all the above-mentioned pre-requisites.

The best backpacking chair is the one which neither kills your back nor affects your carrying weight.

Best Backpacking Chair 2019 Reviews

A few of the best backpacking chair available in the market are reviewed in this article:

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1. Helinox Chair Zero

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We thought that it would be very difficult to find a chair that meets all the 3 requirements but to be honest this was simple and pretty straight forward for us. This is the chair you are looking for.

The Helinox Zero is the lightest and compact chair on the market right now weight at 1.1 pounds. One thing which is truly incredible about this chair is the weight capacity.

Though the chair weighs only 1.1 pounds, this chair has got a weight capacity of 265 pounds which we could not test accurately. We believe the words of the manufacturer for this one. This four-legged chair comes with a carrying bag which makes is compact to carry and is quite comfortable to sit in.

There are few downsides to this chair. This chair is only five inches above the ground. But to be honest, what can you expect from a chair which is lighter than a bottle of water?

You might stack a few rocks around the legs of the chair to prevent it from blowing away in the wind, we look at this chair as a fair trade-off and bang for the buck.


  1. Very lightweight
  2. Portable and Easy to Travel
  3. High-Quality Materials for extra comfort
  4. Carrying bag makes it easy to carry
  5. Sturdy & Durable


  1. 5 inches above the ground

2. Alite Monarch Chair

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We understand that two-legged chairs don’t scream comfort but sure they scream lightweight. This chair is the next lightest chair we could find weighing at 1.3 pounds.

This chair is packed with a substantial amount of durability and comfort considering how small the chair is. The chair is made with ripstop nylon which not only makes it look durable but also feels durable.

You won’t be saddened for taking this out and lying on it after your long hike.

The seat sits seven inches above the ground making it a bit higher than the previous chair. Once you are sitting in this chair for a while, you will get used to rocking with your legs and won’t notice it anymore.


  1. Lightweight at 1.3 pounds
  2. Compact to Travel
  3. Fits perfectly in the carrying bag.
  4. Sturdy and Durable (Thanks to ripstop nylon)
  5. 7 inches above the ground


  1. Two-legged chair – Need to support yourself.

3. Helinox Chair One

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This particular helinox camp chair might weigh at two pounds making it a little heavier than you would like to take on a backpacking trip however with that comes the best durability and comfort of all the chairs we present here.

With everything else buckled to your back, you won’t perhaps notice an additional half pound right?

The Helinox One features four legs for improved stability, a reliable weight capacity, and a premium quality carrying case.

The only primary drawbacks to this chair are the four legs which are quite rigid so that you will find it difficult not sinking in any smooth ground and also the chair sits only 13.5 inches above the ground, so it’s pretty low for those who have difficulty getting in and out.


  1. Light-weight
  2. Effortless to strap up and go
  3. durable & Comfort
  4. Reputable brand
  5. Higher stability
  6. Premium carrying case


  1. Low to the ground
  2. Not suitable for soft ground

4. Crazy Creek Hex 2.0

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We identified a chair lighter in weight compared to the Helinox Zero, and this is it. The Crazy Creek chair weighs only 21 ounces and provides a ton of flexibility as to the places you sit and how you do it.

The chair doesn’t have any legs, so that features its disadvantages, however, this is meant for use on rocks and logs that you usually will have to sit on uncovered.

You can lay this over those surfaces and sit down perfectly. In addition to being light-weight, the chair retracts up so small that you hardly even know its there. Rather than having a carrying case you need to roll the chair up, and features a strap to keep it together.

This chair carries a weight capacity of 250 pounds and includes a limited lifetime warranty.


  1. Very Light-weight
  2. Retracts up into almost nothing
  3. Perfect for sitting on Rocks and Logschairs
  4. Made out of durable carbon fiber
  5. Perfect for beginners and occasional campers


  1. The chair doesn’t have legs
  2. Could possibly have more padding to help prevent you from feeling what’s beneath you

5. Natures Hangout Ultralight Camping Chair

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Perhaps having a chair which is exceptionally light-weight isn’t as important to you and you don’t mind carrying an extra pound if you’re having serious comfort.

If that’s the truth, then the Natures Hangout chair is the answer you’re looking for.

At 2.65 pounds it’s somewhat heavier than a standard ultralight backpacking chair, however in exchange for the extra weight, you get a whole lot in return.

You get a taller back design having a headrest; the chair includes a slight recline in it, and its high enough above the ground making it easy for people to get in and out.

The chair has an aluminum alloy frame and also holds up to 300 pounds in its nylon seat made out of oxford cloth. If you want to blend lightweight with superior comfort, then this is the backpacking chair you are looking for.


  1. The best comfortable backpacking chair
  2. Tall Back design and headrest
  3. Supports 300 pounds
  4. Sturdy frame and fabric
  5. Money-back guarantee
  6. Simple to assemble


  1. A little too heavy

Things to Consider When Selecting a Backpacking Chair

All the backpackers have unique requirements and that’s the reason companies manufacture lightweight chairs having no legs attached to it.

However, there are certain things to keep in mind when selecting the best backpacking chair for your camping:


The first and foremost thing to consider is comfort. You will be sacrificing a bit of comfort when you increase a bit of weight. This doesn’t mean that the chair you select has to hurt you in the back when you sit on it.

Also, ensure that the chair you selected possess a good amount of seat height as the seat height offers support on the back area of the chair. A lot of lightweight backpacking chair has an issue with the overall seat height which is an important thing to consider in selecting the best backpacking chair.

If you are a tall person and your knees are above your ears when you sit down, then you might want to consider a bigger chair like the Helinox One.

Another important thing to consider is weight capacity. As the chair’s capacity increases, it is going to directly affect the comfort of the chair. Though there is no accurate measurement as to how far you need to stay away from the capacity, it is advised not to exceed the standard capacity of the chair.

Portability & Weight

If you are a backpacker, this is the most crucial factor to consider. A standard backpacking chair weighs under 2 pounds and features a carrying case which makes it easy to travel with.

With that being said, if the chair you select has a wide range of options and more comfort for a bit of extra weight, I would suggest to go ahead and select the backpacking chair you are comfortable with.

During our testing, we found that the Natures Hangout Chair is the most comfortable backpacking chair in the lot and it weighs over two pounds. If you are a person who enjoys comfort and has a room for a little more weight, we recommend the Natures Hangout Chair.


You won’t like to spend your precious outdoor adventures on assembling the chair that you brought with you.

The amount of time it takes to assemble a chair is a critical factor to look at, and luckily all of the chairs we tested can be assembled with minimal effort.

The time taken for assembly of the chair is a crucial factor to consider when selecting a backpacking chair. Luckily all the chairs we have tested can be assembled in minimal time with minimal efforts. This is because the backpacking chairs are very lightweight and they only have few parts to assemble.


You wouldn’t believe that all the chairs that we tested were strong & durable. Durability is another critical factor to consider when selecting the best backpacking chair.

The chairs we tested are strong and durable just like the larger chairs available in the market. These chairs are not made out of some cheaper materials since they are smaller.

If you are a backpacker, you know the importance of finding a place to sit down after the long tiring day, so you need a chair that will satisfy all your requirements.

Weather & UV Resistance

With camping, there are some elements which you cannot control. One example of such element is the weather. You will need a chair that is strong enough to withstand any kind of weather.

As these chairs are light weighted, they will hold up in strong winds, so you might require to take the chairs inside rather than leaving them outside and hoping the storm to pass without any problems.

With regards to snow, rain and everything else, you need to take the materials of the chair into consideration. You should select a chair which has a rust-resistant frame which helps to protect the chair from corrosion.

We haven’t noticed any major difference in the UV fading resistance in the chairs we tested, however, we know that the chairs which are darker in color will fade quicker than the lighter colors.


Selecting a chair has never been essential however when you are backpacking each and every little pound matters. You need to consider that when selecting what type of camping chair, you should get.

But, how far would you like to go with that?

Do you wish to sacrifice comfort for extra weight or do you wish to meet anywhere in the middle?

If you would like the best of both worlds, you need to go with the Helinox Chair Zero. For being as light-weight as it is, it brings durability and comfort together.

Ensure that you tie it down during the night, so that it doesn’t blow away!

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